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Dear Tohru,

Ok, I must admit, you make the most lovable idiot I've ever met, but if I may speak frankly, I think you seriously need a dose of reality. First off, you REALLY thought being hired as a maid by a pervy man who isn’t even trusted by his own family members is a great idea? In the real world, that’s like pasting a sign on your forehead “please rape me!”. I’m glad it works out for you, but promoting that kind of freedom should be done with caution.

Secondly; Kyo, really? His whole life revolves arounf pummeling the sense out of Yuki at every possible opportunity (and you liked Yuki first, if you’ll remember). He only likes you because you coddle him and his severely wounded ego. Not that its bad or anything, but isn’t that the same thing Kaguras trying to do, and all he does is run away from her! Also, he can’t be all that bright, because if he can’t even control Kagura in her moods, what posses any of you to think he might accidentally beat Yuki someday? How dense do you seriously be to buy THAT?

And while we’re on the subject of Yuki, I’m as much for a pretty-boy as any other girl, but isn’t his being so totally perfect a little annoying? And why are you constantly apologizing to him? If you really want him (or Kyo for that matter) act worth having already and stop cowering in the face of… well everything!

Now, about the younglings, Kisa, Momiji, etc, Its so wonderful that you can be a sort of universal big sister to them, since all their older relatives have obvious issues. But, letting pre-teens walk all over you is NOT attractive, unless your love interest is a total control freak (maybe that’s why you like Kyo?). Seriously, being assertive with Kisa doesn’t prove anything her punk-face boyfriend comes in and starts ordering you around as badly as Ayame does. You’re overall respect rating would totally plummet if you lived near me.

Well, in short, I guess I’m saying I’m really jealous of you. I really wish I could live in the kind of accepting world you have around you, because you’d never last in mine. Thanks for helping my daydreams, but please, I beg you, try to grow a brain at some point, because watching everyone have to cover for your silly little-girlness is just painful.

Your peeved but still loyal fan,

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11/30/-1 (Originally Created: 02/20/10)
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