Assassins' Tango Rexikat Rhapsody

When Riku finds out his assassination agency wants him dead, that doesn't shock him. What does is that they hired his boyfriend to do it. A SoRiku fic; AU, yaoi, violence, language

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Chapter One: Breaking Point

Finally, Sora Mikan couldn’t take it anymore. As his boyfriend of ten months unlocked and entered their apartment, he casually called out, “Riku, are you cheating on me?”

Riku Tsumetai froze, not expecting Sora to still be awake, and then relaxed. “Hello, to you to, Sor,” he said sardonically, loud enough for the other to hear. He made his way to their bedroom, closing the door behind himself.

In the kitchen where he was slicing an apple, Sora smiled to himself, shaking his head with regret. Quickly opening and closing a drawer, he rounded the corner and opened the door to their bedroom without as much as a warning knock. The silver-haired male was in the act of pulling off his T-shirt, but stopped at the sight of his boyfriend. “Sora—”

“I asked you,” cut in Sora icily, cerulean eyes flashing, “a question. Are you cheating on me?”

Riku sighed. “Sora, of course not. I love you. I would never—”

“It’s four o’ clock in the fucking morning, Riku,” spat Sora in a low voice. “Six hours ago you said you’d be going out for a little while. Six hours is not a little while.” He waited for the excuses.

Riku mentally cringed. He hadn’t been as careful this time; he’d forgotten to call and let Sora know he’d be home late. Maybe it was time to just come clean, and hope for the best. “Sora, I’m sorry. I forgot to call you,” he said. “I really just forgot.”

Sora sighed and briefly looked to the side before bringing up a gun to point at Riku’s face. “Look,” Sora said amicably, “I’m not playing games here. I’d really hate to do this to you. Honest. I like you. A lot.”

He leaned in and gave Riku a small kiss to prove his point. “But,” he continued, “I can’t tolerate unfaithfulness. I don’t care if you want to lie to me about every other thing on the face of the Earth, but lie to me about cheating, and I will kill you.” He narrowed his eyes in warning.

Riku’s heart beat triple time in his chest. “Sora,” he asked shakily, “where did you get that?”

“Oh, this?” Sora waved the gun, dismissing the question. “I’ve had this for years. You’re avoiding the question, Riku.” He refocused on Riku’s face.

“I’m not cheating on you, Sora, I swear on my soul,” Riku answered hurriedly. “I—”

Just then, a knock sounded on the apartment door. Sora closed his eyes and sighed. “Stay here,” he said, “I’ll get the door. You’d better be in this exact spot when I get back.”

Sora turned and made his way to the front door, holding the gun behind his back as he opened it.

“Hey, Riku, you left—oh. Hi. You’re not Riku,” said the person at the door. Sora looked him up and down. Taller than he was, with impossibly spiked red hair, acid green eyes, upside-down triangle tattoos on his face, and…

“Is that a fishnet shirt in your hand?” Sora glared at the man with narrowed eyes, daring him to try and lie his way out. He knew that shirt. He was the one who bought it.

“Uh…um, yeah, I guess…so…” he said, shrinking back. “I’ll just—I’ll just come back later—”

“Nope,” said Sora, grabbing the man by the jacket and hauling him into the apartment. Throwing him onto the couch, he pointed the gun at him while fishing underneath the couch cushion for another. With one hand pointing a gun at the red-haired intruder, and the other pointing the gun at his bedroom door, he called, “Riku, darling, you can come out now.”

Inside the bedroom, Riku paced, trying to think of all the possible people who could be showing up at their apartment at this late hour. When Sora called for him, he hoped and prayed it was one of the three people on his list who wouldn’t get him killed.

Turning the corner, he immediately saw three things: one, impossibly spiked red hair; two, a gun aimed right for his face; and three, Sora’s rather infuriated face. “Mind explaining this, honey?” Sora smiled, but there was absolutely no sweetness behind it.

Riku glanced behind Sora to see a stunned Axel sitting on the couch, also at gunpoint. “Oh, shit,” Riku said.

Rexikat Rhapsody
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