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It was a normal day, except for one thing: a blond man who was running through all the city; he seemed to be in a hurry and in fact he was; he was supposed to be buying food for Yurikami, his girlfriend. However, after some minutes he passed near a bar and nearly forgot everything he was doing; he thought to himself that he could have some sake before going to the supermarket.

He entered the bar with a smile on his face and drank a lot of sake; after some hours full of drinks, he was drunk and it was late; the good thing was that he remembered calling Yuri and telling her he was going to be late, just a few days; she, on the other hand was a little bit angry but told him it didn't matter because she bought plenty of food and she wanted to go to a spa those days.

Shukaku Ichibi was his name and when he went out of the bar he was tall as a building; citizens began to run deseperatly through streets ans Shukaku just laughed at them, he was happy and there was a full moon so he decided to have more fun by scaring the woman who passed. There were a lot of victims; anyway a girl was walking listening to her ipod; Shukaku thought about making her fall down with his tail and it worked, the girl felt and began to look around to find out for the cause of the accident but she didn't find anything; on the other side, Shukaku was puzzled, he began to jump, roar, dance around the girl and other several activities to prove his hipotesis; the conclusion was an interesting one: the girl wasn't avaible to see him. This made a change on Shukaku, he was now interested about the girl; at first he thought she was blind so he kneeled near her and checked her eyes; what he found made it even interesting, the girl wasn't blind after all but, why didn't she noticed him?.

The interest began to decline when he find out that, so he tried one last thing and that was talking to her.

"Is *hic* someone there??" He said. The girl scared herself to the nerves; she looked around and found no one was there.

"Great! now I'm hearing voices! I'm crazy..." She shouted to the world

Shukaku was interested again, so she didn't see him but could hear him? It was something new; he wanted to continue the conversation to see what happened.

"You are not crazy after all; can you see me?" Shukaku asked

"What the hell??!!! who are you? no, not that, were are you?" the girl said

"I'm standing right in front of you *hic*"

"Are you drunk or something misterious voice?"

"Somehow *hic*, but you aren't afraid...that is weird"

"Well I can't see you but your voice seems to be a nice one so I think you are a nice person; I'm wrong?"

"Half...If a good person for you is someone who drinks sake and rapes women then its ok Oh yes and also if you like demons"

"So this means you are going to rape me?? Great! I'm going to be raped by a demon which I can't see!"

At that time Shukaku's effects from Sake were dissapearing, he was acting normal again " Not really, I'm not going to rape, although you are a nice little lady" He was smiling and touched her cheek with his tail.

"what the crap was that? Was it you? did you touch me?? If you did...well that wasn't bad" The girl was blushing a little.

"too bad you can't see me....I know!! I'll try for the rest of the night for you to see me! how about it?" Shukaku asked while he transformed to his human form again.

"that could be very interesting and I have nothing else to do so I say Yes!"

With that said Shukaku grabbed the girl and began to run and jump through all the city showing the girl his favorites places; at the end both were on the park and by that time they had told each other many stuff about their lifes.
They sat down and watched the moon; the girl felt strange because she thought no one could see him so if people passed there would be a girl talking to herself in the middle of the night.

"There is something I don't understand...you know I'm a demon right, it sounds that you hear from demons before?" Shukaku asked

"Well you are right, I know something about demons, bijus in fact are the ones who interest me the most"

" I'm one of them! I'm the one tailed Tanuki" He said in a loud voice but he was curious by the girl's reaction; she was sad?

"I knew that since you told me your name and I'm sad because I can't see you; the strange thing is that I can see some of them but not you...why?"

"Wait! so you know some of the bijus? I need to tell this to Teme!"

"Well not many, I'm currently living with one but he is busy with his girlfriend..I know her too and believe me, it was really difficult for me to see them too; at first I thought I was crazy but then I could see them and it was a special sensation"

Shukaku was surprised but his objective grew, he wanted to be seen by her because she was a nice person that didn't care about demons or stuff like that; just like the special people he knew.

"You just need to believe" He said as he grabbed her face with his hands "See? I'm touching you so I'm real; now close your eyes and focus on that, then open them and tell me if you see me"

The girl did what she was told and when she opened her eyes she was more that happy, she could finally see him and was enjoying what she saw. A handsome guy with beautiful eyes and a nice body; all she did was blush; when that ocured, Shukaku knew she saw him and was happy too.

"You bijus sure are unique..." the girl said and then her cellphone rang; after talking some minutes she said "Sorry..I need to go, he is worried; now Shukaku-san, promise you would not forget about me and that you would present me Yurikami, Jess and all your friends one day ok?" Thew girl began to ran as she waved her han saying goodbye; before she dissapeared Shukaku asked.

"HEy! who is the biju that you live with!"

"Raijuu!!" the girl said as she left.

Shukaku knew Raijuu, he was one of his friends and he was happy to know that girl; after that he noticed the moon was rising again on the sky so he danced until the sun appeared.


And that was the story of how I met Shukaku-san; pretty interesting....no?



Note: amm well this wasn't supposed to turn this way but..what do you think Jess? does It work?


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