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It wouldn't be fair to say there only existed one biju. It wouldn't be fair to also say the greatest biju in the world was the nine-tailed fox known as Kyuubi no Yoko. In fact, there are many more... But for the time being we'll start with nine... One in particular actually stood out... And his name was Shukaku Ichibi...

"Achoo!" a small tanuki from inside a small cardboard box sneezed.

He wiped his nose with his tail while a nine-tailed small fox looked at him oddly. "Cover your nose, Baka. You're going to give everyone inside here a cold," the fox said, annoyed.

The tanuki glared back at the fox. "Shut it Teme," he replied, "I'm not sick."

The fox raised an eyebrow. "Oh, really? Then what's with the watery eyes, the snot dripping down your face, and all the coughing and sneezing that we've been having to deal with for weeks?" the fox said somewhat sarcastically.

"Oh, it's simple," the tanuki smiled and then got on top of the cardboard box, "A girl is talking about wanting to keep a hot stud like me!"

He said that, rather confidently... but ended up slipping and falling back into the box, landing on top of the nine-tailed fox. The fox glared up at the tanuki, but the tanuki smiled back at him. "Thanks for the cushioned landing, Kyuubi."

"Get the hell off me, Shukaku!" the fox growled, shoving the tanuki off.

Shukaku, the tanuki, was shoved off of the fox and slammed against the back of the cardboard box. It wasn't enough to force it to fall over though, due to the others within the box. After hitting the cardboard side, he quickly got up, growling at the fox, sand surrounding him. "Teme!"

Shukaku charged at Kyuubi, the fox, and tackled him after the aggressive shove on Kyuubi's part. Kyuubi showed no mercy though and fought back against him. "Baka! You are so dead!"

Shukaku Ichibi is the one-tailed tanuki demon within the Legendary Nine. Needless to say, he somehow acts the most human out of all of them. Despite the fact Shukaku often drank and left the cardboard box to find someone that'd love him... and the growing... He was actually a likeable demon... Kyuubi no Yoko... needless to say, completely different... but it's not too important to talk about. I could just say they were on different ends of the spectrum... but they were the same... and they were rivals...

"KNOCK IT OFF YOU TWO!" a two-tailed cat snapped.

"It'ssssss getting old fasssssst," a combination of eight snakes also replied.

Shukaku was sitting on top of Kyuubi while Kyuubi had his teeth clenched on Shukaku's tail. Both looked up at the two of them. "But Neka..." Shukaku whined to the female cat.

"Get off of Kyuubi..." Nekomata sighed.

Shukaku glared at her, muttering and got off of Kyuubi, but Kyuubi still had his teeth on Shukaku's tail. The cat glared at the fox. "Kyuubi..." she said.

The fox ignored her and Shukaku glared back at the fox about ready to crush him with his sand, but was stopped when the snake approached Kyuubi. "The King shouldn't be acting like Shukaku the tanuki is threatening your position."

Just hearing that got the fox off of Shukaku's now bruised and bleeding tail. "Threatened? Heh! He couldn't fight his way out of a paper bag!"

Shukaku glared and sent his sand at the fox, covering him entirely. "I'll take that bet," Shukaku smirked, "Try and get out of my sand though."

Houkou, the five-tailed dog, looked up at what the tanuki was doing, but figured best to stay out of it, for fear of getting knocked out again by Shukaku slamming his tail against him... Though he had done that on accident the last time, Houkou didn't want to take that chance.

Kyuubi dug his head out of the sand and started spitting it all out of his mouth. "BLEH! BAKA, WHAT THE HELL?!" the fox snapped.

"You get what you deserve, Teme" Shukaku said, sticking his tongue out.

Kyuubi rapidly dug his way out of the sand. "I'll give you three to run as fast as you can," Kyuubi growled, red eyes turning crimson.

Shukaku was actually smarter than anyone would assume, despite the drinking, so he knew to run... Even though he really didn't want to and wanted to torment the "King Biju Fuzzy."

"One..." Kyuubi started to count, causing an immediate reaction of Shukaku running out of the box.

Shukaku actually ran so fast you could say he high-tailed it out of there; no pun intended. "Three!" Kyuubi said, not even bothering with two and charging after the tanuki.

Shukaku turned corners, hoping to throw his rival and friend off. Shukaku would look back every now and then, but as always, would just see the sidewalk and buildings behind him, as well as the bewildered people looking after him. The tanuki smirked slyly, finding to his content that he avoided another bashing or talking to from that annoying teme of a fox.

Finding himself safe, he abruptly stopped and calmly started walking. He actually almost strutted like a cat to be honest. His head was held high, he was smirking, and his tail was swishing around, so you could easily mistake Shukaku as a blonde cat that had some blue paint dripped into his fur. His golden eyes seemed to gleam differently than what someone would see from a cat though. His eyes had a certain unique pattern that made him more distinct than any cat, raccoon, or other tanuki.

He came to a stop, looking into a nearby window and trying to climb on the ledge. Humans were interesting to Shukaku more than what most of the biju within the box. In fact, he took more interest in them because he used to live in a home with a human at one time... But... that was long ago. He didn't want to remember the memory of when she and him were both separated within the sand village.

He looked in the window, watching a family laugh and talk while they were eating and drinking within the restaurant. He looked at the food wide-eyed and started to drool. His stomach growled like a mountain lion is seemed because he hadn't eaten in weeks like everyone else. Shukaku had to at least eat or drink something. He was going to get some food to everyone else when he came back after all.

Shukaku jumped out of the window and hurried around to the back. There was a door, which meant it leads to the kitchen, and the kitchen means food and water... But also another problem... People... and they aren't often too keen to having animals there to eat or even be there. Never the less... Shukaku did have an idea on what to do.

Shukaku soon found the back door entrance to the kitchen. The troubles with Kyuubi and the members within the box were the least of his worries now. Shukaku was now going to solve his hunger problem and hopefully everyone else's hunger too. "They're going to be so grateful for me finding this! Especially Teme, that anorexic really needs to eat the most," he snickered.

Once a human worker had opened the door to throw some food away, Shukaku managed to stealthily sneak into the opening without being noticed. Once he did though, Shukaku actually thought he had just entered the gates of heaven and died. His eyes widened like he was a little kid that had made a discovery.

The smells and aroma of the food just made his stomach grow hungrier with the wait. He scrambled, nearly tripping over his own feet as he grabbed a large tomato and bit into it, and swallowed it whole. It might've been just the fact that he didn't really chew his food and chose to swallow it entirely, but he was still very much hungry and he continued to eat. The appetite was almost uncontrollable.


"I'm sure our food supply is still up to stat?" A large bulgy man with thick dark hair and a beard asked the supposed manager.

"Of course, we just ordered it and got the stock in today," the skinner man thought to be the manager replied.

"That's excellent to hear," the bulgy man replied.

Both walked into the kitchen. "Yes, the stock is all- HOLY SHIT! WHERE'D THE SUPPLY GO?!" the manager freaked out upon seeing... well...

The kitchen was a complete mess. Boxes, spices, pots, pans, and even silverware were scattered everywhere. There were chocolate paw prints all over the floor, on the counter, and surprisingly on the ceiling. Flour coated the room and floor... and the only thing that was left? Sausage links with big and fat a cat-like creature lying right next to it.

"WHAT THE HELL?!" the manager yelled, waking Shukaku and stunning him, "GET OUT OF HERE YOU STREET ANIMAL!"

Shukaku grabbed the links of sausage and ran as the manager began to throw multiple things at him. He'd take his teme any day than ending up with something like this! Shukaku ran until he was out of breath, finally plopping down into the dirt where the box the legendary 9 lived within...

Everyone turned to Shukaku and Kyuubi was the angriest. "BAKA! You've got a lot of nerve!" he snapped.

"Wait!" Shukaku pleaded and somewhat wheezed, "Here... I got... these..."

Shukaku stumbled over to the group and plopped down the sausages and finally ended up falling with no strength left and drifting off into a deep sleep that he hadn't had in days. Kyuubi looked at Shukaku harshly, but then gave him a light smile. "Shukaku, I have to admit... You may be a one-tailed baka... But... you have enough thought to think of the many other biju. You definitely are one of a kind."

Kyuubi picked up the links, breaking them apart equally for everyone and then he finally laughed, "And you're still my baka."

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