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Rating: K+, but the whole collection's T

I’m deliriously happy to present to you the new We Run LA! It’ll now be a collection of short stories, one-shots, song-fics, anything that comes to mind. There will be different themes, pairings, and the ratings are from K-T. They won’t be in chronological order unless I make a note of it. I’m calling the planet Cynclonia and the aliens Cyniclons, because honestly, they need an identity. That’s the only thing I’ll use from the anime. And yes, the aliens are brothers—their last name is Ikisatashi. I looked it up on the TMM Wiki.

A year has passed since the aliens have left Earth and restored their planet. But then came the frightening news that the Mew Aqua’s power is starting to fade. Kish, Pai, and Tart, under the orders of their new ruler, return to Earth to collect all the Mew Aqua for Cynclonia, with a new comrade. But they’re not in Tokyo—they’re in LA. With new OCs, a new back story, and the same kickass evil twin, the LA Mew Mews are back and better than ever!!


The manor house stood at the center of the city, quietly elegant with its white exterior and protected by an iron-wrought gate. Two guards stood on either side like twin statues, protecting the important patron who resided inside.

The air rippled and a trio appeared, just a few feet away from the gate.

“Why did she want to see us now?” the youngest grumbled. “We were just about to eat lunch.” His gaze drifted yearningly in the other direction, where their lunch was waiting.

“Hush Tart,” the oldest of the small group instructed, “if she sends for us, we must go to her, even if it means missing lunch.” He nodded to one of the guards posted at the gate who bowed respectfully and went to announce their arrival.

The last member tilted his head up to gaze at the manor, putting his arms behind his head. “Don’t worry about it Tart, your food’s gonna be there when we return. Besides,” he smirked, “idiots don’t get hungry.”


Kish burst out laughing and hopped off the ground, flying through the air while Tart, not to be outdone, blasted into the air to start the chase.

“Warriors, she will see you—” The guard returned to his post only to find the two aliens in a heated game of “Catch Me If You Can”.

“Come on Tart, I thought you could do better than that!”

“Shut up Kish! When I’m done with you, you’re gonna wish you were never born!”

“We’ll see about that midget!”


The eldest followed the guard’s gaze. “Never mind my brothers; they’re both low on the maturity charts.”

“Of course,” the guard said slowly, eyes still on the aliens zooming around in the sky. “Anyway, she is ready to see you; you may come in.”

“Kish, Tart!” the oldest alien called up to the other two, “She’s ready to see us now!”

“Thanks Pai!” Kish performed a spectacular dive and rocketed past Pai and the guard, through the yard, and headed for the double doors. “Eat my dust!”

Pai’s eyes widened as he played several possibilities of what could happen to the doors in his mind. “Open a door if you want it to remain one piece!” he yelled to the doorman.

The terrified guard complied, and watched in shock as a dark green blur flew past him into the front hall.

“Get back here you!” A fuming Tart raced through the open door, yelling his head off with death threats, all involving the alien in question getting tied up and being force-fed to one of Tart’s plant Chimeras.

“Looks like you have your work cut out for you,” the first guard chuckled.

Pai looked at him with a withering stare. “Some days, it’s all I can do to not strangle them both.”

And with that, he flew in after them.

The manor house, like its exterior, was elegant but not ostentatious, reflecting the status of the restored planet of Cynclonia. The halls were illuminated with a quiet poise and beauty that couldn’t have been found in Deep Blue’s fortress even if a full scale search had been initiated.

Pai absently flew down the halls and found his brothers engaged in a fist fight outside the throne room. Well, more like an attempted fight, because Kish currently had Tart in a headlock.


Kish grinned and tightened his grip on the poor kid’s neck. “What was that? I couldn’t hear youuu~”

A silky voice then came floating out of the throne room, laced with grace and amusement, “Come in.”

Kish released Tart like he was an infection and flew into the throne room, Pai following alongside him, and Tart floating above them. They flew right up to the carved white throne and dropped to the ground.

A young woman with elfin ears sat on the throne, head down, looking over a sheet of paper. A silver circlet with a deep blue crystal crowned her long raven black hair interspersed with small braids, and she wore a gown of rich blue silk that complemented her cream colored skin. Her eyes were blue, like their old leader, but unlike his cold, aqua colored orbs, the eyes gazing at them were a startling azure blue.

The brothers fell to one knee in unison, putting a hand over their heart. “Queen Vervain,” they intoned, looking at their ruler.

Vervain Chikako smiled and folded the piece of paper she held in her hand, “My Warriors,” she said warmly. Watching them stand up again, she commented, “I heard you two arguing outside my throne room.”

“Sorry Queen Vervain,” Tart said enthusiastically, “Kish was just being a jerk again.”

“Ah, brotherly love,” she giggled while Kish glared. “I’m impressed that you came so quickly.”

Pai inclined his head, “We were in the vicinity when we received your summons.”

“What’s the paper about?” Kish inquired curiously.

Vervain held up the paper for them to see. “Foreign matters. Making friendly connections with other planets. The last thing Cynclonia needs right now is a war.”

It came into Pai’s mind that, yet again, Vervain had proved herself to be a better ruler than Deep Blue had ever been.

“Anyway,” their young queen continued, “that’s not the reason I brought you here.” She took a deep breath and steadied herself, “Cynclonia has been restored, ever since you three returned from Earth with the Mew Aqua a year ago.”

“That’s right!” Tart puffed out his chest importantly until Kish jabbed him in the side.

“Well, there’s a problem.” Azure eyes became clouded and fists clenched the paper more tightly “The power of the Mew Aqua is fading.”

Silence, then…

“WHAT!?” Kish and Tart both yelled together, mouths dropping to the ground.

“How is this possible?” Pai frowned, going through all of his date mentally. “In all my research, there is nothing that says the Mew Aqua could reduce in power over time.”

Vervain’s ears drooped. They had never seen their queen look this disheartened. “It is possible Pai. I saw it myself. As you know, the Mew Aqua Pagoda is where the Mew Aqua is kept, correct?” She didn’t wait for them to agree. “I was there one day to check in on things when I saw—” she stopped and covered her mouth, eyes glassy.

Kish looked up at her, “My Queen?”

She gulped, “I saw, I saw the Mew Aqua’s light dim. True, it was only for a brief moment, but…it was scary.”

“Mew Aqua doesn’t dim,” Pai said slowly.

“I know.”

Kish looked at their queen with concern. Now, if it had been Deep Blue, he would’ve had serious doubts about the truth of his claims. But this was not Deep Blue — this was his successor, Vervain, 18 years old and the youngest ruler Cynclonia has ever known. She had watched Cynclonia flourish, her citizens rejoice and immediately start rebuilding their lives, and commissioned several important buildings, like an orphanage and a homeless shelter. After all they had done, there was a chance that this planet, this beautiful planet that they had all suffered for, could be lost.

He was not going to let that happen.

“What do you want us to do, Queen Vervain?”

Said queen nodded in appreciation. “I knew I could count on you—my Warriors. I have a mission for you all.”

At those words, Kish, Pai, and Tart snapped to attention.

“While scientists here try to figure this out, you must head to Earth and collect all of the Mew Aqua that it contains. You will be at a new location so the Tokyo Mew Mews won’t intervene.”

“Where will we be?” Tart hid his disappointment with eagerness for the new mission.

“Los Angeles, California, in the United States of America,” a hologram appeared in front of the three aliens and displayed a diagram of the Earth before zooming in on America and then the state of California before finally zooming in on the city of Los Angeles.

“It’s less urban than Tokyo,” Kish noted.

“Which could prove beneficial,” Pai suggested. “Since Tokyo itself is very urban, there’s a chance that it weakened the Mew Aqua.” He glared, “Further proof that humans are destroying their planet.”

“Pai,” Vervain cautioned, “keep in mind that you sacrificed yourself for the Mews when Deep Blue awakened. You’re not reclaiming the humans’ planet this time. Keep in mind that when you return to Earth, you’ll likely return to Public Enemy No. 1 with the Mews, so any friendly connections you’ve established could be cut off. Humans tend to jump to conclusions.”

She looked at them with her eyes, frightened at the prospect of losing her home. “Do you accept this mission?”

They fell to their knees and put their hands over their hearts. “Queen Vervain, we accept.”

“We’ll do whatever it takes!” Tart grinned.

“My Warriors…” Vervain’s mouth trembled. She sniffled and wiped delicately at her eyes. “You will be having a new comrade for this mission.”

“New comrade?” Kish said incredulously. “Queen Vervain, we did a good job when we traveled to Earth on our own.”

Pai glanced sharply at him, a silent don’t question our queen.

“I thought it may make it easier for you guys. But if you don’t want t—”

“We accept the new comrade,” Pai said quickly, “dismiss anything my brother said.”

Vervain raised an eyebrow but didn’t say anything. She had grown used to the brothers’ antics during the year she had known them. “Do you want to meet her?”

“Wait,” Kish said, “did you say—”

A slender fifteen year old alien walked—no, more like sashayed—into the throne room, her alabaster skin basking in the glow of the throne room lights.

Her long mint green hair had two small ponytails tied with green bands in front of her ears while honey colored eyes locked onto the three brothers. She wore an off the shoulder black top with a collar and poufy baby doll sleeves that both had green stitching and a sleeveless mint green V-neck shirt that was stitched onto the black top and showed her stomach. Her black skirt went to mid-thigh and had green stitching and a green bow on the back with trailing floating ribbons. Mint green boots were on her feet and matching bandages that stopped at her forearm were worn like fingerless gloves.

“Kish, Pai, Tart,” the queen said, “allow me to introduce—”

“Mochi…” Pai breathed.

The girl looked at them with a smile that said I’m unforgettable and you know it. “What an honor it is for the great Pai Ikisatashi to remember Mochi Noriyuki.”

Kish and Tart, who had been standing slack-jawed for the entire time, snapped back to reality…

…and promptly tackled her.


“Whoa!” Mochi laughed out loud as she was put in the middle of an alien sandwich. “Hey Big Brother, hi Tart,” she smiled fondly as she wrapped and arm around each of them, “miss me?”

You’re the new comrade?” Tart asked with a beaming grin.

“Yup! Queen Vervain came to see me right when she noticed the Mew Aqua problem. And when she told me you guys were going, how could I say no?”

“But what about your singing career?”

“Got it all taken care of,” Mochi winked at the youngest alien, who looked away to hide his blush.

After removing herself from the hug she hovered over to Pai and smirked. “Hey Pai.”

“Hello Mochi.”

“Aww, wipe that serious look off your face,” Mochi teased, hugging the eldest alien. “You’re happy that I’m coming with you.”

Vervain smiled at the tableau. “I take it you all know each other?”

“I’ve known these three,” Mochi pointed to the brothers, “all my life.”

“She’s like a sister to us!” Kish snuck up behind her and trapped her in a hug.

Mochi looked down. “They’re like the brothers I’ve never had,” she said quietly.

Vervain glanced at the girl with understanding. “I think this mission is going to be worth more than I thought. Mochi, can you look after them?”

“You can count on me Queen Vervain,” Mochi went down on one knee and put a hand over her heart, “I’ll keep their mischief making to a minimum.”

Kish snorted. He knew from experience that she’ll likely join in the fun, in order “to make sure you don’t get into trouble”.

“And do you, my Warriors, promise to look after her?”

Tart looked dead serious. “I’ll protect her Queen Vervain. Leave it to me.”

“We’ll all protect her,” Kish corrected.

Vervain smiled at her Warriors, who she knew would protect their beloved Mochi with their lives. If only I had friends like that.

“In that case,” the queen clapped her hands together, “you leave for Los Angeles in two days time. You are dismissed.”

The aliens fell to their knees, put their hands over their hearts, and then rose.

Vervain watched them go and smiled. “Good luck my Warriors.” She glanced in the direction of the Mew Aqua Pagoda, “You’ll need it.”


Mochi and Vervain are both OCs. Mochi’s a rising star sent to Earth along with Kish, Pai, and Tart for this new mission. I got her name from the Japanese dessert. :D Vervain was named as Deep Blue’s successor and, at his death, was crowned queen. I got her name from an herb.
Any thoughts? Next chapter will introduce the bosses of the LA Mew Mew Project! But, they’re not who you think they are.

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08/09/11 (Originally Created: 08/09/11)
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