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Heyo Otakus!

"She's back..."
Yes, yes I am. Vampirehitsugaya is back for yet another fabulous challenge! This time it's a theme challenge: All Things Dark. As the title states I want to see all things dark! Be it blood, depression, or things that go bump in the night. As long as it has darker theme to it, it counts!

Examples: Friday 13th, Chipping Paint, Dark Twins, Dark Roses, Miss Murder, Eat You Soul, and Girl with one eye


"Cause you can't have a challenge without 'em!

1.) It must have a dark theme! And no just having a lot of black or dark colors does NOT make it fit in this challenge! It must have a dark THEME such as: murder, death, depression, pain, etc.

2.) Unlimited Entries! As always: The more the merrier!

3.) Keep to TheO rules.

4.) KEEP IT PG!! No ecchi, No hentai. I don't mind yoai/yuri, but again please keep it pg.

%.) Have fun! Fun is always important when entering challenges! If you have any questions don't hesitate to pm me me or comment!

I'm a vampire!

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