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Hello how is you lol it's my first time making a challenge and I'm a little nervous but here goes

I haven't seen many iwallpaper with text, don't just place some random words on there or anything, it has to go with the image your using its pretty simple stuff

I don't want to see regular old boring computer fonts I want you to use different fonts and make it look neat uh am I asking for too much
Ok so let me list the rules down correctly

Da rules
1.must have different fonts
2.link images you used no matter what (golden rule give credit where credit is due, if you lost the link to the background or textures maybe even the font that's fine I just really need to see the link to the image)
3.must edit the image in some way(changing light,background,color etc)be creative
4.keep it appropriate tehehe (what ever that means :P)
5.Unlimited entries (spam guys)
6. I suggest you dedicate it to me so I can see them
7.have fun and stuff ok

First place:medal and 3 iwallies,2 of your choice and one random
Second place:medal 2 iwallies ,1 random and another of your choice
Third place:1 iwallie,1 of your choice

Have any questions just ask :D

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For Whatever We Lose [Haruka] ~Crimson-Rose
Am I Dreaming ~Soulanime14
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