Soulanime14 Make it Bright!

Hello again, here is my 2nd challenge so I hope it goes well!

So the theme for this challenge is Brightness. I want to see a lot of really bright colors. So take and image and make it more bright, vibrant and colorful!! Try to make the image stand out and pop!

Examples: [1] [2]
Example of what NOT to do- [1]

Now for the Rules!
1) You have to make the image brighter and make the colors really show since that is the point of this challenge
2) Give a link to All sources. The scan, textures and things like that must be shown in the description.
3) Follow theO rules (keep everything PG-13)
4) You may dedicate it to me but it's not required to
5) Unlimited entries so have fun
6) Have fun and put effort into it!!

1st- 2 Iphone wallpapers (1 request, 1 random) and 20 icons
2nd- 1 Iphone wallpaper (1 request) and 10 icons
3rd- 1 Iphone Wallpaper (1 request)

You have 2 months so have fun and feel free to ask any questions!!!

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[BEAUTY OF COLOR.] ~ElementalNinja
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Karneval Bright ~Crimson-Rose
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