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Alrighty. Hello lovelies! How are you? It's Usagi here ^^ I have a new obsession...and that is anime lock screens! So, what I'd like all you lovelies to do is make me some anime lock screens

Rules are simple, so long as it follows all rules in place of TheO, I'm cool with it ^^ just if it has something more graphic, please give warnings for younger viewers. Here's an example of what I mean

click me for example of lock screen

Great right? I'm so obsessed with these things >w< so freakin cute....anyway, let's move on to prizes

1st: sub, gift, one fanart of their choosing, and it will be my new lock screen =D

2nd: sub, gift, and a Chibi

3rd: sub, gift, and a hug ^^

Screens can be broken, cracked, whatever effect you like. I just want you guys go have fun with it ^^ also, characters can be from anything really. Just make them interact with screen



When you submit a entry for this challenge please dedicate it to me so I know it's there ^^ otherwise I may not catch it. That's all =^.^=

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