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He's Got the Vibes

So I was looking for new stuff to wall when I came across this gorgeousness. I've been meaning to make a Benjamin wall for quite some time but have been too lazy to extend the images, so an iPhone wall format is perfect! :D The title is completely random, it popped into my head when I saw the scan.

Texture is made by Sol - she used it in her awesome art here, but I can't for the life of me remember where I got the full version. The rest is just messing around with colors AND I somehow got the washed out poster effect by doing this (layers are like this in the palette):

Texture: texture by Sol, on Multiply
Layer 1 Copy: fill with #75d0ff, Color Dodge, 90% opacity, 50% Fill
Layer 1: fill with #75d0ff, Color Dodge, 50% Fill

So I'm dedicating this to Sol, without whom this wallpaper wouldn't have been possible c: (grammar like a baus?)

L'omg, when I went to hunt for the scan I used on MT, I saw there are new Benjamin scans! And some of them are HQ versions of the ones I previously had! ;______; *downloads them all like a baus*

Other versions: cold | eye-popper

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