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11/23/17 Net Neutrality Artgrrl's World
07/18/15 ERGENT!!! If any of you is on dA please look.. Artgrrl's World
02/26/15 ((((EDIT))))YOU GUYS!! PLEASE LOOK AT THIS DR.. Artgrrl's World
02/15/15 Double Motha Hubba Charlie Horse Artgrrl's World
01/30/15 Life Update: Mobiles, Snowglobes and Money Wo.. Artgrrl's World
12/28/14 How's everybody's Holidays? Artgrrl's World
11/20/14 RP POST: Everyday is a busy day Poke Village Connect
11/15/14 Secret Santa 2014 Wishlist Artgrrl's World
10/26/14 Friend Safari code exchange Artgrrl's World
10/19/14 Villager: Porcia Poke Village Connect
08/09/14 Maura: sketch study Kiki & Maura's DanceStudio
08/08/14 Pieces Pokemon Gijinka Revolution
07/17/14 FYI Magical Girl Challenged will be.... Artgrrl's World
05/17/14 Awesome news! Artgrrl's World
02/03/14 Sculptris, Cool new art program Artgrrl's World
02/01/14 Void Pokemon Gijinka Revolution
01/30/14 Rough drafted done Kiki & Maura's DanceStudio
12/26/13 Friend Code Artgrrl's World
12/17/13 (EDIT) Doing a project that involves all OCs PGR Gijinka Art
11/07/13 Secret Santa Wish List Artgrrl's World
10/24/13 Something in the Wind Pokemon Gijinka Revolution
10/18/13 Determined Kiki & Maura's DanceStudio
10/06/13 Another year older... Artgrrl's World
10/02/13 Resistance Pokemon Gijinka Revolution
09/10/13 I got it!! Artgrrl's World
07/30/13 Mayday! Mayday! Pokemon Gijinka Revolution
07/30/13 Sketches and doodles PGR Gijinka Art
07/17/13 Steady Your Helm Pokemon Gijinka Revolution
06/29/13 Prove your worth Paranormal Researchers
06/17/13 The news from the new Pokemon XY Kiki & Maura's DanceStudio
06/03/13 Munto!!!! Artgrrl's World
05/27/13 Dogs or Cats Artgrrl's World
05/11/13 Maura's Battle outfit Kiki & Maura's DanceStudio
04/23/13 Grimm (RP idea) Artgrrl's World
03/25/13 I need a kick Artgrrl's World
03/22/13 Art Meme Artgrrl's World
03/05/13 The Revenge and Merlin Artgrrl's World
03/05/13 Sighs... Artgrrl's World
03/04/13 Drastic Changes Paranormal Researchers
02/21/13 Easter Egg Hunt Artgrrl's World
02/19/13 Kiki's Battle Outfit Kiki & Maura's DanceStudio
02/19/13 My 'work area' Artgrrl's World
02/15/13 Towel Fight and Pool Table Pokemon Gijinka Revolution
02/07/13 Maura's Relationship Map Kiki & Maura's DanceStudio
02/07/13 Kiki's Relationship Map Kiki & Maura's DanceStudio
02/07/13 How to RP Maura Guide Kiki & Maura's DanceStudio
02/06/13 Porcia The Grumpig Gijinka (rough sketch) Kiki & Maura's DanceStudio
02/06/13 Baby it's cold outside~ Pokemon Gijinka Revolution
01/22/13 Very bad news... Artgrrl's World
01/17/13 Work Artgrrl's World
01/15/13 How to RP Kiki Guide Kiki & Maura's DanceStudio
01/06/13 Teamwork Lesson Pokemon Gijinka Revolution
12/31/12 Happy New Year-Auld Lang Syne Artgrrl's World
12/16/12 The Dreaming Paranormal Researchers
12/16/12 The First Ten Artgrrl's World
12/07/12 PGR: Dear Secret Santa Kiki & Maura's DanceStudio
10/26/12 Complications and Confrontations Pokemon Gijinka Revolution
10/04/12 Training for the battle Pokemon Gijinka Revolution
08/18/12 It's a double date! Pokemon Gijinka Revolution
07/05/12 Let's go on a date! Pokemon Gijinka Revolution
06/29/12 Hogwarts! Artgrrl's World
06/04/12 Snow White and the Huntsman! Artgrrl's World
06/02/12 Boyfriend!~ Pokemon Gijinka Revolution
05/23/12 Morning Oops Pokemon Gijinka Revolution
04/30/12 300! Artgrrl's World
04/02/12 Dance with me tonight Pokemon Gijinka Revolution
03/07/12 Cha Cha and Girl Talk Pokemon Gijinka Revolution
02/16/12 Let's Cha Cha! Pokemon Gijinka Revolution
02/12/12 Teeth pulling excitement Artgrrl's World
01/22/12 Wrestle, Shuffle, Trouble Pokemon Gijinka Revolution
01/17/12 Dance the Night Away Pokemon Gijinka Revolution
01/16/12 Ballet VS Hip Hop Kiki & Maura's DanceStudio
01/17/12 Maura's Room Kiki & Maura's DanceStudio
01/17/12 Kiki's Room Kiki & Maura's DanceStudio
01/05/12 Mixed Feelings Pokemon Gijinka Revolution
01/04/12 So I'm wearing a stupid freakin' dress...shoo.. Pokemon Gijinka Revolution
12/27/11 She's baaaaaack Pokemon Gijinka Revolution
12/22/11 A Shopping Trip? Pokemon Gijinka Revolution
12/22/11 Happy Winter Solstice Artgrrl's World
12/19/11 Caught Red Handed Pokemon Gijinka Revolution
11/25/11 Dear Secret Santa~ Artgrrl's World
10/23/11 Shazaam!!! Pokemon Gijinka Revolution
07/05/11 What went down at the festival Pokemon Gijinka Revolution
05/31/11 Favorite Manga Challenge: With Answers Artgrrl's World
04/07/11 Ghibli Film The Burrower Arriety Artgrrl's World
02/20/11 Kiki's Profile [New] Kiki & Maura's DanceStudio
01/20/11 Kiki: Expression Meme PGR OLD TESTAMENT MEMORIES
12/14/10 I WANT ONE!!!! SO CUTE!!!! Artgrrl's World
11/26/10 Mission; Kiki as Vocaloid Teto PGR OLD TESTAMENT MEMORIES
11/09/10 "My Fairy" Smexy Ending XD Artgrrl's World
09/30/10 In the Cards Pt. 2
09/27/10 In the Cards Pt. 1 Ink World
04/19/10 David Blaine Artgrrl's World
04/18/10 The White Rabbit Paranormal Researchers
04/18/10 Ryou and Vladimir by Artgrrl Forbidden Fruit
04/18/10 Sachiro by Artgrrl Forbidden Fruit
04/17/10 Thunder Over Louisville Artgrrl's World
04/17/10 Got tagged Artgrrl's World
04/17/10 Invited Paranormal Researchers
04/16/10 Watch this Video Artgrrl's World
04/16/10 Black Blood Brothers Artgrrl's World
04/15/10 Where is she?... Forbidden Fruit
04/14/10 Vacation? Artgrrl's World
04/14/10 Hanna by Artgrrl Forbidden Fruit
04/13/10 Want A Scooby Snack? Artgrrl's World
04/12/10 Ooops... Forbidden Fruit
04/12/10 Mari and Kaki (uncolored) Paranormal Researchers
04/12/10 Ryuu and Asa (uncolored) Paranormal Researchers
04/12/10 Matsu (uncolored) Paranormal Researchers
04/12/10 I hate mornings Forbidden Fruit
04/11/10 Untitled Paranormal Researchers
04/11/10 Me and My dog Buddy Artgrrl's World
04/10/10 Singing Cat? Artgrrl's World
04/10/10 Sneezing Panda Artgrrl's World
04/10/10 Music of the Night Artgrrl's World
04/07/10 Princess Tutu Hold Me Now Artgrrl's World
04/06/10 How to Train your Dragon Artgrrl's World
04/05/10 Ruff Night Paranormal Researchers
04/04/10 Happy Easter-Peter White pic ^_^ Artgrrl's World
04/04/10 THE SHOCKED CAT VID lol FUNNY!!! Artgrrl's World
04/04/10 The Stolen Child by W.B. Yeats Artgrrl's World
04/03/10 "Burrowed" this from sasoriofredsan.. Artgrrl's World
04/03/10 Food and Bed Forbidden Fruit
04/02/10 OOPS!!! FORGOT Artgrrl's World
04/02/10 MORE OC's YAAAAY!!!XD Artgrrl's World
04/02/10 More members! Artgrrl's World
04/03/10 Please Join my Harry Potter RP world! Artgrrl's World
04/01/10 Price Paranormal Researchers
04/01/10 THIS IS ANNOYING!!! Artgrrl's World
04/01/10 HP world complete here is the profile fillout Artgrrl's World
03/31/10 My RP world Artgrrl's World
03/30/10 Nino by Artgrrl Paranormal Researchers
03/30/10 Zoey by Artgrrl Paranormal Researchers
03/29/10 Huh? Artgrrl's World
03/29/10 Spring Cleaning! Artgrrl's World
03/27/10 My New Manga-coming soon! Artgrrl's World
03/27/10 Elle by Artgrrl Paranormal Researchers
03/27/10 Emiko (colored) Paranormal Researchers
03/27/10 A Grim Meeting Paranormal Researchers
03/25/10 Dusk to the rescue! Forbidden Fruit
03/25/10 SORRY!! Artgrrl's World
03/25/10 Time for Battle Forbidden Fruit
03/25/10 Emiko by Artgrrl Paranormal Researchers
03/24/10 Walking with Dinosaurs Artgrrl's World
03/23/10 Another quiz! Whoopi!!!!XD Paranormal Researchers
03/23/10 I GOT EGGED!!! DX< Artgrrl's World
03/22/10 Harry Potter Theme Park?! Artgrrl's World
03/22/10 Back to the School Paranormal Researchers
03/22/10 Avatar music video "I See You" by L.. Artgrrl's World
03/21/10 Friend Catchers; Redshank Artgrrl's World
03/21/10 Jessica Galberth "The Morrigan" Artgrrl's World
03/21/10 Brian Froud art 2 Artgrrl's World
03/21/10 Brian Froud art 1 Artgrrl's World
03/21/10 My other OC Dusk Forbidden Fruit
03/21/10 Team up! Hanna and Ashido Forbidden Fruit
03/20/10 Another piece Artgrrl's World
03/20/10 More artwork Artgrrl's World
03/20/10 More favorite art work Artgrrl's World
03/20/10 My Interview with my OCs :D Paranormal Researchers
03/20/10 Artgrrl's other OC Brant Paranormal Researchers
03/20/10 Sleep over at Aisling's Paranormal Researchers
03/19/10 Cao Yong Artgrrl's World
03/19/10 The Elemental Master Forbidden Fruit
03/19/10 The Script I love them!!! Artgrrl's World
03/19/10 My drawing of Aisling, Puck and Brant Paranormal Researchers
03/18/10 New Faces Paranormal Researchers
03/16/10 shush little baby Artgrrl's World
03/16/10 Cute Baby Bat Yawning Artgrrl's World
03/16/10 Daughter of the Primus Wicce Miranda Avalon Forbidden Fruit
03/16/10 The Knight and the Page Paranormal Researchers
03/15/10 FLIPPIN' SPIDERS!!!!! Artgrrl's World
03/15/10 Black and White, Shadow and Light Paranormal Researchers
03/13/10 I "burrowed" this from RedHeadNatio.. Artgrrl's World
03/13/10 I'm a more of girl or a boy? Artgrrl's World
03/13/10 Tarot Reading Paranormal Researchers
03/13/10 Faeries and ghosts Artgrrl's World
03/12/10 On the Road Paranormal Researchers
03/12/10 A Mission Forbidden Fruit
03/10/10 My New World REAL GHOST STORIES Artgrrl's World
03/07/10 Avril Lavigne's "Alice" Artgrrl's World

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