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Gifts LGA775: u'll always b a very close friend 2 me^^ itsumademo: has a most happiest birfday!! o 3o Vosh: Look at you with all your epicness! <3 itsumademo: has a happeh happeh birfday itemilicious: haaaapPPyy birrthadaaayyyyy 8D LGA775: Hope your birthday is still rocking^^ superstarpanou: Happy Birthday to such a talented artist AriaFlosh: happy birthday , i wish you the best ^_^ 15385bic: happy birthday! 2013 LGA775: Happy bday my dear friend^^ Bit early^^ LGA775: Aww you are amazing! My friend <3 LGA775: Aww you are amazing! My friend <3 LGA775: Happy easter my dear friend..Love ya^^ LGA775: ur Welcome Ceci^^ will always comment LGA775: Just randomly saying you're awesome hehe LGA775: Happy Vday Cecilia..Love you lots..<3 kita mikichi: Congrats on Your Promotion! superstarpanou: Congrats on getting Otaku Eternal! Nice! Kaerlyn: Happy belated birthday! :] LGA775: Sorry I'm late my friend.Happy b-day.Hug Hanako Sho: Happy Birthday!!! >w< Kya!~~~~ itsumademo: has a happeh birfday! o 3o and pie... Keya: Happy Birthday, my dear!!! vampirehitsugaya: Happy Birthday!!! (=^.^=) TwinkLes: Have a wonderful birthday ^__^ itemilicious: happy birthday!!! :D : Happy Birthday sis. :) Have a great one! Kami-chan.x3: Happy Birthday dear!! XD *huggles* 15385bic: happy birthday 2012! XD superstarpanou: Happy Birthday, you awesome artist, you~ LGA775: Promise I'll be back soon my friend mwah LGA775: Happy easter my dear friend^^Hugs Kami-chan.x3: Long time no talk! :D Miss you!! LGA775: Welcome back my friend..eee im so happy King-sama: Spreading the NY cookie of happiness! XD AngelBest Dream: Brunnie Christmas! AngelBest Dream: Happy late brithday !!!!!!!!! Kaerlyn: I hope you had a super birthday! :3 ReiKiba: Happy Birthday n have a nice day! superstarpanou: Happy Bday to such a talented artist~ ^^ Kokkoii-Matoku: Happy Birthday Brunette!<3 Have Fun! TwinkLes: Happy Birthday!!! hackerblackrose: Happy Birthday :) AIloveAkuma: Happy Happy Birthday!!! :D : Happy Birthday!! Have a nice one! ^_^ : Happy Birthday, Brunette!!! :D 15385bic: happy birthday =D Roleni-Chan: Your works are just delightful. reirei18 : happy easter..~<3 : Happy Easter! reirei18 : happy holidays ceci..~~<3 AngelBest Dream: Nekochuna xmas!!! : *huge hugs* Thanks for everything sis! Keya: Congrats on the feature!! :3 Kaerlyn: Hope you had a special day ^^ AngelBest Dream: H.B Cecileeee!!! little123liar: Hey! hope u had a great day for ur b-day RedNekoMimi15: HAPPYHAPPY BIRTHDAY BRUNETTE!XD! Keya: Happy birthday to my awesome friend!!! Miracle Star19: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! =3 SaxGirl: Happy bday Ceci-chan!^-^ *hugs* minimewlove: Happy Birthday!!! =] : here you go! happy birthday^^ <3 innocent heart: Happy Birthday sweetie! Love you! reirei18 : Happy Birthday with hugs..~~ *hugs* <3 mizukisanofan: thank you for favoriting!~mizukisanofan Feonalily: thank you so much ;w; LGA775: Happy Vday..Hugs..You rock..!!^^ LGA775: Thank you so much Celi.Mwa..Your da best innocent heart: Love you Ceci! :3 Kaerlyn: Happy new  year *hugs* <33 DarkSapphire: Happy Hoildays!!!!  ⥠⥠ Best wishes^^ reirei18 : seasons greetings'09..~~ *hugs* itemilicious: MERRY CHRISTMAS!!x3 Hiddeninthedark: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! hugs Kakashisgf: Happy birthday!! Keya: Happy birthday girl!! ^^ Reenigrl: Happy birfday!!! Have a fantastic birthday!Loveyou lots:D SaxGirl: Happy bday Ceci-chan!:D *hugs* Miracle Star19: HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRUNETTE!!! ^_^ krow666: feliz cumpleaños TenshiHoshino: Happy Birthday Brunette! innocent heart: You're amazing and beautiful my friend^^ : Keep believing sis! Another Smile! ^___^ zapexme: For you being so nice & a good friend 7thEvaChild: hope u like pocky!! DarkSapphire: Ur AWESOME!!  N AMAZING ARTIST/PERSON
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