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Gifts nikkeh09: Thanks for entering my challenge ^^ DeathSeraph: Happy late Birthday!I hope it was great! SmallxLady: Best birthday wishes! Youre awesome! Larxy The Strange: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! nikkeh09: happy birthday!!!!! enkichan: happy b-day !!! monochromechan: Happy Birthday ^__^ SmallxLady: Congrats on your promotion! DoubleOtaku: HAPPY VALENTINES DAY Soulanime14: Happy New Year!! blue tea: HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2014, HERE WE GOOOOOO!! blue tea: HO HO HO MOTHER F**KER mangaandanimelove: Congrats on the challenge bruh. SweeTea: HAPPY HALLOWEEN BESTIE. TheYummyIdeal: Happy Halloween :3 Soulanime14: Happy Halloween!!!!!! mangaandanimelove: Happy Halloween Larxy The Strange: Happy Halloween! Hifsa: Happy Hetalia Halloween!! :D Valerie014: Congratulations on the promotion! ^^ Sakura Tachibana: Congrats on your promotion! SweeTea: Piggys~ SweeTea: Have some ramen, China. <333 : Thanks for the subscribe. :) Haru96: thanks for the fav (^^) Zuzu Uchiha: thanks for entering my challenge SmallxLady: Thanks for the sub ^^ TheYummyIdeal: *After getting Master Sparked* ty~ TwT TheYummyIdeal: and Marisa's broom!-- *chased by Marisa* TheYummyIdeal: ...France's Rose, TheYummyIdeal: I stole... Austria's Cake, NoirAngel: Thank you for the sub ^__^ blue tea: hai. TheYummyIdeal: Chibitalia's book of mean drawings! >:3 GummiKidd: Thanks for subscribing! :) TheYummyIdeal: America had some Ice cream leftover~ ;D TheYummyIdeal: Thank you~ Have a panda, Aru~ TheYummyIdeal: Russia stole the precious Gilbird~ Hi~ mangaandanimelove: LOOKATTHEANIMENEWSFORTHISWEEK allycat2090: Thanks for the sub! enkichan: thank you for the sub :) mangaandanimelove: I made you a cupcake... NOW GO EAT IT. mangaandanimelove: TRLOLOLO mangaandanimelove: talktomeonthechatiambored.ifyournotbusy mangaandanimelove: I hate chuu mangaandanimelove: have a bow and shoot grell mangaandanimelove: i don't like pigs. mangaandanimelove: HAVE SOME CHICKEN blue tea: I want sushi.TuT blue tea: Gimmie a gift for return >.< mangaandanimelove: disshallmakeyouconfessyourlovetohim~~~` mangaandanimelove: iamacatalready.sharediswithchuloveeeeeee OneHellOfAnOtaku1: No problem!~ (^w^) (/^w^)/ SweeTea: For being such a sweetheart<3 blue tea: happy b-day from grell and me!!  xD mangaandanimelove: grell and i will sing on chu bday mangaandanimelove: *blushies* well dis is from grell again. mangaandanimelove: dis ish gift from grell.. *kehkehkeh* mangaandanimelove: *LE GASP!* A EGG!?!!? mangaandanimelove: *throwz random strawberry* mangaandanimelove: *bribes with sushi to stop*  ^.^ mangaandanimelove: Ima read yo diary out loud to grell. :) mangaandanimelove: take this and EAT IT! <3 mangaandanimelove: okayz! xD i made chu cupcakes share em.. mangaandanimelove: OK DEN SHARE DIS WIT GRELL -.- mangaandanimelove: shoot grell with dis...... mangaandanimelove: uhh.... here ish a stawberry xD Soulanime14: Happy Easter! Judai Winchester: Happy Easter dear.~Judai ForeverOtaku: Thank you and Happy Easter! SweeTea: Have a cupcake! >w< Love you forever~~~ ForeverOtaku: Welcome to theO! :) SweeTea: Konichiwa Teto-chan!! >w< Love chu~~
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