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09/13/14 A cool blog to check out! My Fandoms!!
09/01/14 Race? The Skyrim blog
09/01/14 Dragonborn DLC My Fandoms!!
09/01/14 Is Serana probably the best character? The Skyrim blog
08/31/14 How it all started for me The Skyrim blog
08/31/14 Final Fantasy movie Final Fantasy, Blog!!
04/24/14 Zelda The Legend of Zelda, Blog!!
04/24/14 Final Fantasy Final Fantasy, Blog!!
04/24/14 Hey hope you all are having a fabulous day!!! My Fandoms!!
02/17/14 The best telly show ever amongst mankind My Fandoms!!
02/17/14 Thor 2 My Fandoms!!
08/26/13 Black Butler My Fandoms!!
07/02/13 New Zelda game The Legend of Zelda, Blog!!
07/02/13 Who is your favorite Final Fantasy VII. chara.. Final Fantasy, Blog!!
06/26/13 Dragonborn My Fandoms!!
06/26/13 Adam Lambert My Fandoms!!
06/26/13 BBC Sherlock My Fandoms!!
06/26/13 Sherlock, and Adam Lambert My Fandoms!!
05/20/13 Star Trek: Into Darkness My Fandoms!!
04/09/13 Yu-gi-oh My Fandoms!!
02/18/13 Skyrim Crazy THingS!
02/18/13 Grrr!! My Fandoms!!
02/17/13 My character on Skyrim My Fandoms!!
02/07/13 Happy EARLY Valentines day!! My Fandoms!!
02/07/13 What's your favorite Zelda game? The Legend of Zelda, Blog!!
02/07/13 Final Fantasy VII Final Fantasy, Blog!!
02/07/13 Crown Duel/Court Duel My Fandoms!!
02/07/13 Eb Alto Saxophones! My Fandoms!!
02/07/13 Full Metal Jousting!!! My Fandoms!!
02/05/13 A - rubics cube My Fandoms!!
02/05/13 Super Bowl!!! My Fandoms!!
01/15/13 The Avengers! My Fandoms!!
01/05/13 Lonely Island!!! My Fandoms!!
01/05/13 HAHA funny pic. of Clay! My Fandoms!!
01/05/13 OMG!! Green Bay Won!!!!!!!!! My Fandoms!!
01/01/13 Skyward Sword!!! The Legend of Zelda, Blog!!
01/01/13 Final Fantasy XIII Final Fantasy, Blog!!
12/30/12 Skyrim!!! My Fandoms!!
12/05/12 Snow White and The Huntsmen!!! My Fandoms!!
11/22/12 Pokemon My Fandoms!!
11/22/12 Pokemon My Fandoms!!
11/12/12 Cloud Strife (FF) VS. Link The Legend of Zelda, Blog!!
01/12/13 Cloud vs. Vincent Final Fantasy, Blog!!
11/11/12 Lindsey Stirling and Peter Hollens My Fandoms!!
11/11/12 Football (NFL) My Fandoms!!
11/04/12 Movies My Fandoms!!
11/04/12 Shows My Fandoms!!
11/03/12 Video Games My Fandoms!!
11/03/12 Music. My Fandoms!!
11/02/12 Who is your favorite Zelda character?? The Legend of Zelda, Blog!!
11/02/12 More Things!! My Fandoms!!
11/02/12 Hey Zelda Fans Hoped You Enjoyed This Blog!! The Legend of Zelda, Blog!!
11/02/12 If you like Cloud Strife.... LET the WORLD kn.. Final Fantasy, Blog!!
11/02/12 My Favorite FF character is......... Cloud Strife FF

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