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Gifts Snowzi: Happy Halloween! Hifsa: Happy Eid! :) Hifsa: Thanks for participating in Blue! :) Darkarax: 2nd Place: Own the Night Challenge MangaKid: Thanku 4 signing 4 Pit Bulls!! :) Hifsa: Happy Easter!^^ Angel Zakuro: Happy V-day! <3 DoubleOtaku: HAPPY VALENTINS DAY Hifsa: Happy Valentine's day, Leslie! <3 aka yuki: Happy Valentine's day XxArrancarFanxX: Happy Valentine's Day! KyraChan: Thanks! ^^ Vosh: May your 2014 be creative & joyful~ :D Enigmatic Turk: Happy New Year! : ) Aryia: Happy new year! x3 Have fun~ Hifsa: Happy New Year! Loads of love! <3 Angel Zakuro: Merry Christmas! :D yummy suika: HAPPY BELATED BDAY!!!! xAsukachanx: Happy Buddaaaay (^o^)/ *belated* Rainbow Dragon: Happy,happy birthday2u!~<3 *huggles lorrainiaful: happii birthday KyraChan: Pocky for your Birthday! luicifers wife: Super Happy Birthday! Angel Zakuro: Happy birthday, Bou! <3 Archmage225: Happy Birthday!!! :D tethysal: happy birthday! Moka: Strawberry for Bou-chan on your birthday Larxy The Strange: Happy birthday!!! DeathSeraph: Happy Birthday! have an awesome day! :D tsubasachro: Happy Happy Birthday tooooo yooou!!! : Happy Birthday. ^^ Neko Nana Mode: Not a lie Sakura Tachibana: Happy birthday!!! : Happy Birthday!!!!!!!! Sakaira: Happy birthday Karisan: Wish U a very Happy Birthday!!!^^ enkichan: Happy Birthday !! Valerie014: Happy birthday! ^^ Best Wishes to you! Hifsa: A Rose for the B'day girl!! <33333 ShyPrincess: Thank you for being so supportive~ <3 Aryia: Thanks for joining 30 day comment slam<3 ElementalNinja: Congrats Winner of "Cold Hard Iron"! KuRcK: Happy Halloween! ^_^ tethysal: happy halloween ! Snowzi: Happy Halloween! ^_^ mystic midnight: Happy Halloween! Blue Latte: Happy Halloweeeennn!! <3 Kurihara Akane: Happy Halloween ^o^/ tsubasachro: Halloweeeeeen!!!! :) DoubleOtaku: happy halloween to you too :D mangaandanimelove: Happy Halloween! ChiPolVee: Happy Halloween!! Hehaha! >3 KairiJun: Happy Halloweeeen >o<. yuko9kost: Happy Halloween u too!>.< Larxy The Strange: Happy Halloween! Aryia: Happy halloween :D Kurihara Akane: Congratz to 2nd winner of Love 4 Japan DoubleOtaku: *poke* BnZ: (^O^)ï¼ BnZ: :) BnZ: Thank you for teaching me simple things. BnZ: Keep up the good work. ;) BnZ: Keep up the good work. ;) BnZ: Congratulations ^_^ Vosh: Wish you all the best and more. *hugs* Aryia: Here's a strawberry! X3 Darkarax: 3rd Place: Music Challenge 5 : thank you.. KairiJun: ( ^ ^ ). tethysal: ty for the sub ;) Thiefspawn: No problem ^^ : you're welcome:) Snowzi: Hugs for all! :D KonomiShinra: Hehe, No Prob Senpai ^^ : congrads on second place!! : congrads on second place!! : congrads on second place!! : congrads on second place!! : Thank you~ <3 somegirl: Oh and here's a cupcake :D <3 somegirl: You're such a dork. I love you LOL yummy suika: homecoming icecream! xD Hifsa: Happy Eid :) luicifers wife: thanks for Entering Purple! GummiKidd: Thanks for subscribing! :) Thiefspawn: thanks for the sub =) xAsukachanx: Thank you for the sub (>^-^)>* GreenHairAlien: For you ^^ <3 GreenHairAlien: I can send animals now ^^ GreenHairAlien: here is 1 more gift for you^^ GreenHairAlien: The first gift I have send. ^^ GrellOtaku99: hi ! luicifers wife: Thankyou for entering !Old School! enkichan: thanks for subing me ^-^ Darkarax: Thanks for the advice :) CrimzonN3k0 z: Thanks for the subs <3 aka yuki: Just a random gift Mazoku Knight: To my new, very appreciated subscriber~ yuko9kost: thanks for subbing!(>.<) Snowzi: Because you're awesome! ^_^ Vanilla Cupcake : A rose for a rose~! Angel Zakuro: Happy to see you back. :) LGA775: Flower of friendship Thanks 4 the gifts LGA775: A heart for you..becuase ur my friend^^ bellpickle: Happy birthday! :) Arctic Summer: Happy birthday : Jack-O-Lantern : :) Morbid Dollie: Happy Holidays! ^__^ Gravity4Ever: today is a special day..Happy Birthday!! Mr Sword: Happy Birthday~ bellpickle: Happy birthday! : Always keep on writing~ : For all your special notes~ : Chocolate pocky for you :) : A puppy dog for you~ FalseDelusion: Lol, thnx for causing me such confusion FalseDelusion: Fail meme? I totally missed that Q__Q ulterego333: Happy Valentine's Day! LGA775: Happy Vday..Hugs..You rock..!!^^ : Happy Valentine's Day!  ~love TW & Kyo~ Hello Kitty Freak: Happy Valentines Day!!! ulterego333: ^_^ : A Lovely Rose for a Lovely Lady~ LGA775: Thank you..I will recover quick.^^ Hugs Clyne Lacus: Happy (very belated) birthday xD Quiet Noise: Have a sweet & crazy 2010!!! ^___^ : Happy New Year!!! linalli: Happy new year! LGA775: Hey you..^^ Aww thanks for replying.Hugs izsah: Happy New Year to you! n_n Morbid Dollie: Merry Christmas!!!! ^___^ kukki-chan: ~ h.a.p.p.y ~ h.o.l.i.d.a.y.s ~ SiSero: MERRY CHRISTMAS SWEETY ^ 3 ^ <3 MintIceCream: merry xmas!!! somegirl: and your card! <3 somegirl: this is what i got. empty box ;A; sparkle 078: OMONA~!!! somegirl: ok other people need gifts now...;A;i<3u somegirl: OH YEAH OH YEAH OH YEAH YEAH YEAH somegirl: No one else will send this gift on Xmas somegirl: ;A; I WISH JAEJOONG WAS IN THERE somegirl: Yunho time 8D and Jaejoong for ME somegirl: wtf is the witch hat for O_o WITCHY 8D somegirl: since you are the best and deserve it^_^ somegirl: I'll waste half of them on you! panDUH somegirl: So apparently we have 12252009 gifts. Quiet Noise: Merry X-Mas my friend! enjoy the Holiday ulterego333: Merry Christmas! <(^.^<) killua2512: MERRY CHRISTMAS!! : Merry Christmas! ~love Panda & Kyo-san~ : Happy Birthday :D TimeChaser: Birthday Cake for you! :D Hello Kitty Freak: Happy Birthday Buddy!!! Mr Sword: Happy Birthday~ It matches your name~ :D bellpickle: happy birthday! Furry-Chibi: Happy Birthday;enjoy this wonderful day! somegirl: <-Yunho is in there waiting for you. HB! Angel Zakuro: Happy b-day!! :) Have a lovely one! Cute Smile: happy birthday vksan: Happy Birthday Bou~! ^^ ShadowLight: Happy Birthday! =D MintIceCream: happy turky day! *gobble-gobble!* Angel Zakuro: Honorable mention for Sportin' It. :) : you're as sweet as a cupcake ^^ ulterego333: thanks for making the Random Roulette <3 Support KIRA: Love Back!! **a different kind of cake** xChox: HAVE A COOKIE :D somegirl: "o.o Diner i love you!" :D GO BIG BANG! Addicted-to-JRock: a happy sungmin cake Addicted-to-JRock: for you to share with junsu's brother. IchigoTheLustful: Teehee. Here you go. Tata! FujinKeima: (Late)Merry Christmas and Happy New Year : HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY BB! : To make you happier~ :DDD
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