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Date Title World
01/28/19 New RP Discord server for Pokemon Gijinkas! The Dark Palace
11/19/17 SS Wishlist 2017 The Dark Palace
11/29/16 SS Wishlist 2016 (Fanart) The Dark Palace
02/11/16 Marshall's Profile The Dark Palace
11/17/15 SS Wishlist 2015 (Fanart) The Dark Palace
07/12/15 Honore's Murkrows The Dark Palace
04/16/15 Cute Spider Eyes Frozen Memories
04/09/15 Elethien Vivienne's Profile The Dark Palace
01/25/15 Franz Colt's Profile The Dark Palace
04/09/15 Krieg Terah's Profile The Dark Palace
12/01/14 RP Post: the Star reader Poke Village Connect
11/18/14 SS Wishlist 2014 (fanart) the Seraph's Sky
11/11/14 Ishida Malasty's Profile The Dark Palace
10/19/14 Villager - Chandler Poke Village Connect
09/18/14 Svadilfari Fyris the Suicune The Dark Palace
09/16/14 Gijinka Kingdom RP The Dark Palace
07/25/14 Back from the Mountains, with pictures! Frozen Memories
05/05/14 Grim Kozmar the Gengar The Haunted House
04/14/14 Tyr Pendragon the Tyrantrum The Dark Palace
03/23/14 Pictures: Cortina and Borca di Cadore Frozen Memories
01/12/14 Hansel's profile The Haunted House
01/12/14 Gretel's profile The Haunted House
01/07/14 random RP! (open to everyone!) The Dark Palace
12/25/13 To everyone!!! the Seraph's Sky
12/07/13 PGR SS wishlist 2013 The Haunted House
11/26/13 SS Wishlist 2013! the Seraph's Sky
11/05/13 You can run, but Death is knocking at your do.. Pokemon Gijinka Revolution
03/23/14 Pradosh's profile The Haunted House
07/24/13 Danger in the submarine Pokemon Gijinka Revolution
06/14/13 Natasha Svarthofdhi joins the fun! OC UNIVERSE
05/17/13 Zorawar's Outfits The Dark Palace
05/10/13 Honore's Outfits The Dark Palace
05/10/13 Team 2! let's plan something for the Water Go.. The Haunted House
04/20/13 Honchkrow's Info brought by Honore The Dark Palace
04/20/13 Zoroark's Info brought to you by Zorawar The Dark Palace
04/20/13 Honore's Relationship Map The Dark Palace
04/20/13 Zorawar's relationship map The Dark Palace
04/18/13 Honore's voices The Dark Palace
04/18/13 Zorawar's voices The Dark Palace
04/08/13 here comes the ASTROCAT Frozen Memories
03/15/13 Just.. just look here!! the Seraph's Sky
03/13/13 Mist's outfits The Haunted House
02/16/13 New and old friends before the War Pokemon Gijinka Revolution
01/24/13 The hard training Pokemon Gijinka Revolution
10/27/13 Mist's Relationship Chart The Haunted House
10/30/12 Explanations and meeting new people Pokemon Gijinka Revolution
08/01/12 Haunting like good, old times Pokemon Gijinka Revolution
06/07/12 Taking requests! + earthquake update the Seraph's Sky
05/29/12 Earthquake update the Seraph's Sky
05/20/12 EARTHQUAKE! the Seraph's Sky
04/23/12 Mist's Spring outfit The Haunted House
04/19/12 Trying To Help Part 1 Pokemon Gijinka Revolution
03/01/12 The End of the Show Pokemon Gijinka Revolution
10/27/13 Mist's updated profile The Haunted House
06/30/11 hope this will be better XD Love, Stronger Than Hate.
06/30/11 how cute ^^ Love, Stronger Than Hate.

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