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12/03/13 Im back for the millionth time just like the.. tatatatalkin bout
11/05/13 Orphen theme songs Anime Music Society
11/02/13 Best day of my 13 year old life!~~so far tatatatalkin bout
10/16/13 im happy...thank you tatatatalkin bout
10/15/13 today is so ...gloomy... tatatatalkin bout
09/27/13 Gladness of sickness..er sumthing tatatatalkin bout
08/06/13 im half eighth grader half freshmen tatatatalkin bout
07/26/13 memories of all .. tatatatalkin bout
07/25/13 feeling fujoshi tatatatalkin bout
07/21/13 peter vs mr .washee washee anime amvs
07/21/13 same as the fma one anime amvs
06/01/13 exactly 6 minutes tatatatalkin bout
05/25/13 may 25 2013 (today) tatatatalkin bout
05/15/13 finally what ive been waiting for!! tatatatalkin bout
05/01/13 THE ANSWER IN MY HEAD THAT I FORGOT!!!!! tatatatalkin bout
04/27/13 And i continue to apologize... tatatatalkin bout
04/14/13 sooo sorry tatatatalkin bout
03/19/13 to all my subbers tatatatalkin bout
03/14/13 drrr nyan cat anime amvs
03/13/13 look paw! their dancing !their dancing!! anime amvs
03/13/13 ohmy god ohmy god ohmy god ohmy GOD tatatatalkin bout
03/13/13 *sniff*so sweet anime amvs
03/13/13 ive been really into this ANIME .. anime amvs
03/13/13 to teapartyprincess anime amvs
03/13/13 izayas shiny teeth anime amvs
03/13/13 izaya is ...ehhh..happy anime amvs
03/13/13 whoa my goolosh! anime amvs
03/13/13 drrr echo anime amvs
02/16/13 IM FREAKIN OUT MAN FREAKIN OUT!SOUL EATER IS.. tatatatalkin bout
01/03/13 the perfect scene shizaya anime amvs
01/03/13 yusuke42 tatatatalkin bout
03/13/13 shizuo x celty i thought you wanted me anime amvs
03/13/13 cute overload tsugaru and psyche anime amvs
12/08/12 is it okay anime amvs
12/07/12 finally tatatatalkin bout
11/18/12 theyre sexy and they know iiiit! anime amvs
11/18/12 gangnam style fma anime amvs
11/18/12 fukkeritta shizuo and izaya anime amvs
11/18/12 i now pronounce you shizuo and izaya anime amvs
11/18/12 the avengers drrr anime amvs
11/18/12 tamaki vs ed anime amvs
11/18/12 lucky star opening parody fma anime amvs
11/18/12 proudness tatatatalkin bout
11/18/12 renai circulatio izaya orihara version anime amvs
11/18/12 order made shizuo and izaya anime amvs
11/18/12 kida is a banana anime amvs
03/13/13 all my subbers have to read please!!!!!!! tatatatalkin bout
11/11/12 part three of the other titles tatatatalkin bout
10/27/12 like i said makin you look bad or good part 2 tatatatalkin bout
11/18/12 shizuo is my kitty cat anime amvs
10/25/12 makin u look bad orrrr gooooood T-T tatatatalkin bout
10/19/12 yaoi talk tatatatalkin bout
09/26/12 nobody ~Cute Quotes!~

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