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02/23/18 Birthday! A Blue Colour Life
02/15/16 After a long while.... Hello Memes
07/17/15 Questions A Blue Colour Life
07/15/15 Holy 200 questions! :P Hello Memes
03/16/15 Been tagged twice again! FUN! :D A Blue Colour Life
12/31/14 HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015!! A Blue Colour Life
12/28/14 End of another Adventurous Year! A Blue Colour Life
12/26/14 What's Your Anime Series Title? Anime Oishii
12/25/14 Merry Christmas! :) A Blue Colour Life
12/17/14 Black day 16/12/14 A Blue Colour Life
12/16/14 Bold What Applies To You. Hello Memes
12/12/14 Meme! Hello Memes
11/16/14 What gnere of Anime would you live in? Anime Oishii
11/12/14 Agreed? Anime Oishii
11/05/14 Whats your Anime? Now give it a name! Anime Oishii
09/09/14 I have been tagged!! A Blue Colour Life
08/05/14 Birthday Game! Wait, what that thing with the.. Anime Oishii
07/15/14 What's Your Super Hero Name? Anime Oishii
07/11/14 What is Your Sailor Senshi Attack? Anime Oishii
07/03/14 Confessions to make! A Blue Colour Life
07/01/14 Who Are You? (Naruto Game) Anime Oishii
06/12/14 Meme I'm doing because I have my next exam on.. A Blue Colour Life
05/31/14 Since everyone is doing this Meme. :P A Blue Colour Life
05/22/14 According to your birth month which main char.. Anime Oishii
05/21/14 So, I'm gonna leave the comments for another.. A Blue Colour Life
05/20/14 What is your Birth month Hair Colour? Anime Oishii
05/17/14 Attack on Titan Birthday thing. :P Anime Oishii
05/11/14 Best friend's Birthday! :) A Blue Colour Life
05/02/14 A Million Little Pieces by James Frey Reviews and Stuff
04/22/14 About Me meme! Hello Memes
04/17/14 Naruto Birthday Game! Anime Oishii
04/12/14 What is your fantasy VILLAIN title? Anime Oishii
04/11/14 Comment the symbol of the Akatsuki member you.. Anime Oishii
04/06/14 What God are You? Anime Oishii
03/31/14 What's Your Asassin Name? Anime Oishii
03/30/14 Highlight All That Applies Hello Memes
03/11/14 Missing Malaysian Airlines Plane: A big myste.. A Blue Colour Life
03/10/14 Cofessions Meme! Hello Memes
03/06/14 Excuse me! Anime Oishii
03/04/14 PROMOTED!! ^_____^ A Blue Colour Life
03/02/14 My 1st year at TheO! and other things^^ A Blue Colour Life
02/27/14 Crazy day!! A Blue Colour Life
02/24/14 THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! :D A Blue Colour Life
02/22/14 What's your month of birth and character? Anime Oishii
02/17/14 What's your cosmic name? Anime Oishii
02/14/14 Happy Valentine's day! <3 A Blue Colour Life
02/11/14 I'm quite Miserable! A Blue Colour Life
02/10/14 Cross out meme! Hello Memes
02/09/14 OMG! I freaking love this! <3 Anime Oishii
02/06/14 What is your color type? Anime Oishii
01/21/14 SO MANY COMMENTS!! :0 :0 (edit) A Blue Colour Life
01/20/14 What type of Anime character are you? Anime Oishii
01/14/14 Finally! A Blue Colour Life
01/05/14 Kimi ni todoke Meme! Hello Memes
01/02/14 /vp/ Birthday attack game! Anime Oishii
12/31/13 2014 YOU R HERE! A Blue Colour Life
12/31/13 New Year Post! <3 A Blue Colour Life
12/24/13 Here's 2013! A Blue Colour Life
12/22/13 Who are your Anime parents? Anime Oishii
12/13/13 What is the best Live-action adaption? Anime Oishii
12/10/13 Profile - Hifsa TheOtaku Fellowship
12/09/13 Lil' meme! Hello Memes
12/06/13 RIP Nelson Mandela! A Blue Colour Life
12/06/13 Dancing in the dark ( A must do meme!!!!:D) (.. Hello Memes
12/06/13 Dancing in the dark ( A must do meme!!!!:D) (.. TheOtaku Fellowship
12/04/13 Night Study! Anime Oishii
12/03/13 That feeling! Anime Oishii
12/02/13 End of another year! A very adventerous year! A Blue Colour Life
12/01/13 Dude, Racism is Stupid! Anime Oishii
12/01/13 RIP Paul Walker A Blue Colour Life
11/30/13 Namae no Nai Kaibutsu- PsychoPass ending 1 Anime Music Society
11/30/13 Weekend Life!!! A Blue Colour Life
11/28/13 Lol, I'm posting everyday! + My SS Wishlist.... A Blue Colour Life
11/26/13 Confessions meme! TheOtaku Fellowship
11/25/13 Five levels of fear... Anime Oishii
11/24/13 Every class has...part 2! Anime Oishii
11/23/13 Here we go! TheOtaku Fellowship
11/22/13 Which song describes you the best? Anime Oishii
11/21/13 Whats your Dere? Anime Oishii
11/20/13 Why tragic anime are sad? Anime Oishii
11/18/13 I don't get this!! A Blue Colour Life
11/18/13 Elements meme! Hello Memes
11/17/13 Anime Meme! Hello Memes
11/17/13 Otaku Problem! Anime Oishii
11/16/13 Anime Meme! TheOtaku Fellowship
11/11/13 Guidelines for new wallpaper makers. Rad Resources
11/11/13 Kakashi's smile! Kakashi no SEKAI!
11/11/13 Date of Birth game! Anime Oishii
11/09/13 R5 - Pass me by
11/08/13 Shingekin no kyojin opening! Anime Music Society
11/08/13 Fuse the last 2 games you played! Anime Oishii
11/07/13 I have a couple of questions... A Blue Colour Life
11/06/13 The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath Reviews and Stuff
11/06/13 Comment the last thing you did, then add 'wit.. Anime Oishii
11/05/13 What do you usually do when you are bored? Anime Oishii
11/04/13 5 word often said in anime! Anime Oishii
11/03/13 Burnt Shadows by Kamila Shamsie Reviews and Stuff
11/01/13 Anime Birthday game! Anime Oishii
11/01/13 20 questions! (Open to all) TheOtaku Fellowship
11/01/13 I got in! A Blue Colour Life
10/31/13 Will you still love me? Kakashi no SEKAI!
10/31/13 Halloween post! A Blue Colour Life
10/30/13 Tag! You're it! Anime Oishii
10/29/13 Sayonara no Natsu - The most beautiful song e.. Anime Music Society
10/28/13 Describe yourself inone world! Anime Oishii
10/27/13 New World Banner ^^ A Blue Colour Life
10/27/13 Choose one world to live in! Anime Oishii
10/26/13 Favorite anime opening song? Anime Oishii
10/25/13 ANIME is our Salvation! Anime Oishii
10/24/13 Things to tell! A Blue Colour Life
10/24/13 Deserted on an Island, which Poke'mon would y.. Anime Oishii
10/23/13 Your genre of Anime! Anime Oishii
10/22/13 What comes to your mind after seeing a knife? Anime Oishii
10/21/13 I DARE YOU TO CHOSE ONLY ONE Anime Oishii
10/20/13 That awkward moment... Anime Oishii
10/19/13 You are underattack by Titans, choose your we.. Anime Oishii
10/18/13 Did you notice? Each class has... Anime Oishii
10/17/13 Peplace one word in an anime title with ".. Anime Oishii
10/16/13 Birthday scenario game^^ Anime Oishii
10/15/13 About me! A Blue Colour Life
10/15/13 Who's your favorite? Anime Oishii
10/14/13 Naruto Shippuden - amv - war of change Anime Music Society
10/14/13 Favorite anime in terms of the protagonist? Anime Oishii
10/10/13 Anime is the best thing thats happened to me!
10/10/13 Your Birth month defines your element! Anime Oishii
10/10/13 30 days comment slam! by Aryia A Blue Colour Life
10/10/13 Steroetype Nationality Meme! Hello Memes
10/09/13 *gasps* So many comments xDD + Update! A Blue Colour Life
10/08/13 Haruka's Song: Maigo no kokoro Anime Music Society
10/08/13 What is your Fruits basket, Chinese Zodiac? Anime Oishii
10/07/13 Promoted!! :D A Blue Colour Life
10/07/13 You get to go on a date with the main charact.. Anime Oishii
10/07/13 Update+surgery and a note of thanks :) A Blue Colour Life
10/06/13 A serious issue! A Blue Colour Life
10/06/13 Bleach Opening 2: D-tecnoLife Anime Music Society
10/05/13 Your favorite anime song! Anime Oishii
10/04/13 What was the first anime you watched? Anime Oishii
10/03/13 Name an anime series you have watched more th.. Anime Oishii
10/02/13 Who is your anime crush? Anime Oishii
10/01/13 Birthday Game! Anime Oishii
09/30/13 What anime will you recommend? Anime Oishii
09/28/13 What anime eye do you have? Anime Oishii
09/27/13 Meme Time! Hello Memes
09/26/13 Name your top 3 anime! Anime Oishii
09/25/13 FIN! *Flinches* Anime Oishii
09/25/13 Shortest horror story! A Blue Colour Life
09/23/13 The Shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella Reviews and Stuff
09/23/13 What do you do when the teacher is not in cla.. Anime Oishii
09/22/13 Otaku Game: I slept with...?? :) Anime Oishii
09/21/13 All of them are fire user, who is your favori.. Anime Oishii
09/20/13 Bleach Zanpakuto! Can you guess all? Anime Oishii
09/19/13 Levi and the last thing you ate will be his l.. Anime Oishii
09/18/13 Ever felt like being the only Otaku in class? Anime Oishii
09/16/13 Whats your furry name? Anime Oishii
09/15/13 You are now the main character of the last an.. Anime Oishii
09/14/13 Quotes And Lyrics! Rad Resources
09/13/13 Choose your path of Wizardry! Anime Oishii
09/12/13 Fighting >.> Anime Oishii
09/11/13 Sick! + the news today! A Blue Colour Life
09/10/13 GUNS! Anime Oishii
09/09/13 Tamaki Suoh + Otori Kyoya = ?????? Anime Oishii
09/09/13 Really dumb! A Blue Colour Life
09/08/13 Stereotype meme... Hello Memes
09/06/13 Bleach Live action movie cast!!!!!! Anime Oishii
09/06/13 Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson Reviews and Stuff
09/05/13 Takumi Usui's How to 'LOL' Anime Oishii
09/04/13 What is the price of a human soul? Think Anim.. Anime Oishii
09/03/13 Name an anime guys with black hair! Anime Oishii
09/02/13 Gayle Forman- Just one day Reviews and Stuff
09/02/13 Things to do today Anime Oishii
09/01/13 You love Anime because? Anime Oishii
08/31/13 Try your name in Japanese. Anime Oishii
08/30/13 What is your Random Hipster Japanese Alias? Anime Oishii
08/29/13 Who is the prettiest girl in anime? Anime Oishii
08/28/13 Name a character that plays an instrument. Anime Oishii
08/27/13 Animes releasing in Fall 2013 Anime Oishii
08/26/13 What anime character describes you the best? Anime Oishii
08/25/13 Watching anime! A Blue Colour Life
08/25/13 Anime horoscope Anime Oishii
08/23/13 Who is your favorite anime character? Anime Oishii
08/22/13 3 word you say, when your favorite character.. Anime Oishii
08/20/13 I seriously could not believe this! Anime Oishii
08/20/13 Name an anime character you hate the most. Anime Oishii
08/19/13 From up the poppy hill Reviews and Stuff
08/19/13 Lol...L and Ulliquora Anime Oishii
08/18/13 The book thief by Mark Zusak Reviews and Stuff
08/16/13 Free lol xD Fangirls go wild :D Anime Oishii
08/14/13 How Girly am I? Hello Memes
08/13/13 If you wake up in an anime... Anime Oishii
08/12/13 A fault in our stars by John Green Reviews and Stuff
08/12/13 What type of an Otaku are you? Anime Oishii
08/09/13 The Anime World Map Anime Oishii
08/03/13 iDefyn Toradora! Taiga iDefyn
08/01/13 An abundance of Katherines by John Green Reviews and Stuff
07/30/13 Websites Closed! Rad Resources
07/30/13 John Green- Looking for Alaska Reviews and Stuff
07/29/13 Meme that decides my race, lol A Blue Colour Life
07/26/13 iDefyn Sakura no pet na Kanojo iDefyn
07/26/13 Bleach Manga Reviews and Stuff
07/25/13 iDefyn Oreki Houtarou! iDefyn
07/24/13 Manga game Reviews and Stuff
07/24/13 Some resources Rad Resources
07/21/13 FREE!-Iwatobi swim club Reviews and Stuff
07/19/13 I wanted to know something... A Blue Colour Life
07/17/13 John Green- Paper towns Reviews and Stuff
07/17/13 Character collage meme :) I need opinions! Hello Memes
07/14/13 Look at this :) A Blue Colour Life
07/12/13 P.S. I love you Reviews and Stuff
07/08/13 My sister's keeper Reviews and Stuff
07/05/13 Sadako 3D Reviews and Stuff
07/05/13 The family I belong to :) A Blue Colour Life
07/01/13 What a time! A Blue Colour Life
06/15/13 I've been tagged by nimbusoak :) A Blue Colour Life
06/14/13 So freakin' HOT!!! A Blue Colour Life
06/05/13 What to say and what not to say... A Blue Colour Life
10/04/13 100 wallpaper challenge!! (Links added)!! Onl.. A Blue Colour Life
05/31/13 Need inspiration... A Blue Colour Life
05/29/13 Your prayers worked :D A Blue Colour Life
05/22/13 Physics down... A Blue Colour Life
05/16/13 1 down 7 to go :P A Blue Colour Life
05/11/13 Elections and voting!! A Blue Colour Life
05/07/13 Been promoted!! *^_^* A Blue Colour Life
04/28/13 Last day on TheO A Blue Colour Life
04/25/13 Exams xD A Blue Colour Life
04/24/13 I am raptured A Blue Colour Life
04/19/13 Cool surprises!! A Blue Colour Life
04/15/13 Arigato, all :) A Blue Colour Life

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