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What Sherlock (BBC) Character Are You?

No Comment

Which Blood Lad Character Are You?

Aww, so cute! :D

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Which Fruits Basket Character Would You Date?

Yay! My crush! :D

Can I Guess Your Gender?


What Type of "-dere" Are You?

Desipte what I wrote before, this is what I get?? :3

Which Amnesia Guy Will You End Up With?

Woot woot ^^

What Ouran High School Host Club Host Are You?

Yay!! Yay!! :D

Which Attack On Titan Character Are You?

Not correct :P

What Lovely Complex Character Are You?

No, way! LOL

Which Bleach Captain Are You?

I like this "D

Espada Or Soul Reaper?

No Comment

Which FREE! Character Are You?

I got Gou :D So happy!

Which Naruto Character Are You?

So cool!

Hi there friend!

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