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04/26/13 Burn It All Away ~.Circle.of.Life.~
12/30/12 Eternal Marionette poem [[.Requiem.Of.Horrors.]]
12/11/12 Suicide of the Forgotten [[.Requiem.Of.Horrors.]]
10/31/12 It's Scary Good (Halloweenie Update from last.. |{.A Lone-Wolf's Silence.}|
09/30/12 OC Facts 1: Impossibility Facts of Fang And K.. {[|.The Shallow Bay.|]}
08/10/12 Chosen Username ~.Circle.of.Life.~
08/01/12 Remembering What I Have Once Forgotten bittersweet longings
07/31/12 Dream Journal. O.O ~.Circle.of.Life.~
07/24/12 Horror Question: What Makes YOU Cringe? [[.Requiem.Of.Horrors.]]
07/21/12 The Evil Eye Plot ~The Shattered Memories~
08/10/12 The Devil's Swing Plot ~The Shattered Memories~
06/17/12 Holy Sh*t...O_O ~.Circle.of.Life.~
06/07/12 The Last Laugh ~The Shattered Memories~
06/05/12 Making a Creepy Song for A Story [[.Requiem.Of.Horrors.]]
04/08/12 A Soon Future Perhaps: Murphy in Missouri ~.Circle.of.Life.~
04/02/12 Dear Kid Ghost Living in My House |{.A Lone-Wolf's Silence.}|
03/31/12 Why Must They Be So Gross!?O.e |{.A Lone-Wolf's Silence.}|
03/25/12 Current Music Obsession: Gorillaz!XD {-The Dead Harmonic Grave-}
03/25/12 Trinity Soirre of Stories
03/21/12 So Apparently... |{.A Lone-Wolf's Silence.}|
03/20/12 Current Life Goal#1: Driving Permit~ ~.Circle.of.Life.~
03/20/12 Centralia, Pennsylvania: School Project ~.Circle.of.Life.~
03/17/12 Splatterhouse!>w< |{.A Lone-Wolf's Silence.}|
03/17/12 Another Cross-Over ~The Shattered Memories~
03/17/12 Insane Family? Soirre of Stories
03/14/12 Broken World Ch. 00: Prologue ~The Shattered Memories~
03/12/12 Still Story Video: Hiroki's Regret ~.Circle.of.Life.~
03/11/12 Haiku of A Killer [[.Requiem.Of.Horrors.]]
03/10/12 Ghostly Encounters?: Skyler & Albert [[.Requiem.Of.Horrors.]]
03/09/12 My Freddy Krueger Dreams |{.A Lone-Wolf's Silence.}|
03/09/12 Realms of Rebirthing Ch. 1: Enter- Hikari Kur.. ~The Shattered Memories~
03/07/12 My Genetic Curses.... |{.A Lone-Wolf's Silence.}|
03/06/12 Studying Ed Gein |{.A Lone-Wolf's Silence.}|
03/04/12 Sins Of a Killer Soirre of Stories
03/04/12 DAMN IT!!!! |{.A Lone-Wolf's Silence.}|
03/03/12 S.G. Fanfic Ch. 2 Preview~
03/03/12 Sacred Grounds: Legacy of Rebirth Fanfic plot
03/16/12 Sacred Grounds Calling I: Just the Beginning
03/03/12 -Vocaloid Roles Discussion-
03/02/12 Weird Activity in My Room, man...O.O |{.A Lone-Wolf's Silence.}|
03/01/12 Sorry For Not Replying |{.A Lone-Wolf's Silence.}|
02/29/12 I Finally Bought Some Songs |{.A Lone-Wolf's Silence.}|
02/28/12 Anyone Willing? |{.A Lone-Wolf's Silence.}|
02/27/12 Stupid Descriptions...>> |{.A Lone-Wolf's Silence.}|
02/26/12 IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT Sacred Grounds
02/25/12 I Could Be on Criminal Investigator.XD |{.A Lone-Wolf's Silence.}|
02/25/12 Ghost Rider |{.A Lone-Wolf's Silence.}|
02/24/12 The Only Movies From Marvel I'll Ever Be- |{.A Lone-Wolf's Silence.}|
02/23/12 ...Miss Slappidy-Slap...? |{.A Lone-Wolf's Silence.}|
02/22/12 And we're thinking... |{.A Lone-Wolf's Silence.}|
02/22/12 Studying Charles Manson |{.A Lone-Wolf's Silence.}|
02/20/12 Piercings and A Change of Plans~ |{.A Lone-Wolf's Silence.}|
02/19/12 I Fought Zombies!>w< |{.A Lone-Wolf's Silence.}|
02/18/12 Original Horror Story: The Devouring [[.Requiem.Of.Horrors.]]
02/17/12 Idea Brainstorming |{.A Lone-Wolf's Silence.}|
02/17/12 Scratch the idea below... |{.A Lone-Wolf's Silence.}|
02/17/12 Either a Failure or No.... |{.A Lone-Wolf's Silence.}|
02/16/12 Yo People! ANNOUNCEMENT TIME!x3 |{.A Lone-Wolf's Silence.}|
02/14/12 My Horror-ish Dream... [[.Requiem.Of.Horrors.]]
02/14/12 Dark Inspiration World |{.A Lone-Wolf's Silence.}|
02/14/12 Favor? Please? |{.A Lone-Wolf's Silence.}|
02/12/12 KoRn- Sanctuary {-The Dead Harmonic Grave-}
02/12/12 The Birthday Massacre- Walking With Strangers {-The Dead Harmonic Grave-}
02/12/12 The Birthday Massacre- Looking Glass {-The Dead Harmonic Grave-}
02/12/12 It's a Very Merry Un-Birthday~XD {-The Dead Harmonic Grave-}
02/11/12 Deep Words Perhaps |{.A Lone-Wolf's Silence.}|
02/10/12 Devil Emoticon |{.A Lone-Wolf's Silence.}|
02/06/12 So Aside From Discomfort |{.A Lone-Wolf's Silence.}|
02/06/12 My Upper Teeth Feel like Mini Hammers have be.. |{.A Lone-Wolf's Silence.}|
02/05/12 Look What Mom Sent Me!XD |{.A Lone-Wolf's Silence.}|
02/04/12 New Icon |{.A Lone-Wolf's Silence.}|
02/04/12 A poem called Despair [[.Requiem.Of.Horrors.]]
02/03/12 The Woman in Black: A MUST SEE! |{.A Lone-Wolf's Silence.}|
01/27/12 I Declare |{.A Lone-Wolf's Silence.}|
01/22/12 Sidestory Video: Fallen Death: Hiroki's Regre.. ~The Shattered Memories~
01/19/12 Damn...I've got Hidden Fury!XD |{.A Lone-Wolf's Silence.}|
01/15/12 DON'T SEE IT! |{.A Lone-Wolf's Silence.}|
01/07/12 Scariest Noise in the World...Are you joking?.. |{.A Lone-Wolf's Silence.}|
12/10/11 If I were to die in the most stupid way possi.. {THE.HORROR.TWINS}
11/09/11 Diary of a Life of Strife ~The Shattered Memories~
10/29/11 Fallen Death's Hiroki Harubari(Death) {[|.The Shallow Bay.|]}
10/16/11 Kiss My Eyes and Lay Me To Sleep: Hiro and Sa.. {[|.The Shallow Bay.|]}
09/23/11 T-Shirt Business~ |{.A Lone-Wolf's Silence.}|
09/17/11 Asato Harubari & Alma Lagacy's Song {[|.The Shallow Bay.|]}
09/17/11 Picture that represents Liz~ {[|.The Shallow Bay.|]}
09/17/11 A pic that represents Scythe Kuroda~ {[|.The Shallow Bay.|]}
09/14/11 LISTEN UP! Sacred Grounds
10/02/11 Broken World Character: Shade Patronus {[|.The Shallow Bay.|]}
09/01/11 IMPORTANT! LISTEN UP S.G. BRIGADE! Sacred Grounds
08/29/11 Poem: Half-Dead Zombie~ {THE.HORROR.TWINS}
08/25/11 What do you guys think? |{.A Lone-Wolf's Silence.}|
08/23/11 Found Out The Origin...XD {THE.HORROR.TWINS}
08/21/11 Challenge Idea and Story Brainstorming... ~The Shattered Memories~
08/20/11 Paralyzer by Finger Eleven Parody Lyrics. {THE.HORROR.TWINS}
08/14/11 My Visit to the Haunted Old Athens Cemetery. [[.Requiem.Of.Horrors.]]
08/13/11 Theme Song for... {[|.The Shallow Bay.|]}
08/13/11 Realms of Rebirthing Plot~ ~The Shattered Memories~
08/12/11 It's not just any poke...It's THE poke. Dun,.. {THE.HORROR.TWINS}
08/12/11 Would I be dubbed as crazy... [[.Requiem.Of.Horrors.]]
08/12/11 Oh my gosh: IT'S THE BROOK RUN INSANE ASYLUM! [[.Requiem.Of.Horrors.]]
08/11/11 The New S.G. Leaders~ Sacred Grounds
08/10/11 We're Back! Sacred Grounds
08/10/11 YES! |{.A Lone-Wolf's Silence.}|
08/09/11 Whisperer Story~ ~The Shattered Memories~
08/09/11 Broken World Story~ ~The Shattered Memories~
08/09/11 Reapers of Eternal Night Story Summary~ ~The Shattered Memories~
07/31/11 Dream...An Odd And Bizarre Dream.... |{.A Lone-Wolf's Silence.}|
07/30/11 A quote/quotes that's very true.... |{.A Lone-Wolf's Silence.}|
07/30/11 Almost Done.>.< |{.A Lone-Wolf's Silence.}|
07/29/11 A Trip, A Ghost Hunt, & Insane Asylums. O.. |{.A Lone-Wolf's Silence.}|
07/11/11 Would Anyone... |{.A Lone-Wolf's Silence.}|
07/10/11 Introduction to This Place~ [[.Requiem.Of.Horrors.]]
06/10/11 I made this up just now.lol.XD |{.A Lone-Wolf's Silence.}|
06/05/11 GOTTA HAVE IT! (Basically a Wishlist Post abo.. |{.A Lone-Wolf's Silence.}|
05/23/11 Concerning My Challenge... |{.A Lone-Wolf's Silence.}|
05/22/11 OC: Ryuuska Shirokawa & Sphinx {[|.The Shallow Bay.|]}
05/22/11 Fallen Death Story Summary ~The Shattered Memories~
04/30/11 ABOUT A NEW DEVIANT ACCOUNT! And....WAFFLES! |{.A Lone-Wolf's Silence.}|
04/06/11 EVIL LAUGH! |{.A Lone-Wolf's Silence.}|
02/13/11 Important Message #4...I think: One of the Th.. |{.A Lone-Wolf's Silence.}|
02/11/11 The Insignia Storyline Plus a Story Preview!! ~The Shattered Memories~
02/11/11 CANINE FAMILY IS NOW UP AND READY FOR MEMBERS.. |{.A Lone-Wolf's Silence.}|
02/05/11 IDEA!!! What do you guys think?!X3 |{.A Lone-Wolf's Silence.}|
01/30/11 ENTER THIS CHALLENGE DAMMIT!*grabs her titani.. Child of the Full Moon
01/23/11 Hikari the Wolf: NEW USERNAME!!! |{.A Lone-Wolf's Silence.}|
12/24/10 ~Ghost~ ~The Shattered Memories~
12/23/10 ~Silver Wings~ ~The Shattered Memories~
08/25/11 The Fear(poem) [[.Requiem.Of.Horrors.]]
12/17/10 The Strong Are More Fragile Then We Think ~The Shattered Memories~
12/07/10 OC: Kei Hashimoto {[|.The Shallow Bay.|]}
09/10/10 Sacred Grounds: Legacy of Rebirth! ~The Shattered Memories~
09/06/10 Realms of Rebirthing! NOW OPEN FOR GUEST POST.. |{.A Lone-Wolf's Silence.}|
09/05/10 READ AND COMMENT! AND DON'T YOU DARE WALK AWA.. |{.A Lone-Wolf's Silence.}|
08/16/10 Sacred Grounds: Chains of Destiny Main Charac.. ~The Shattered Memories~
08/14/10 Sacred Grounds: Chains of Destiny ~The Shattered Memories~
07/15/09 Shuhei Natsuhi's Profile from Rain of Blood(o.. {[|.The Shallow Bay.|]}

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