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Gifts De ciel ouvert: Happy birthday! <3 -Kiyo The Mage: Happy birthday! Ice Knight: Happy Birthday!! :D rose line: Happy birthday ^^ Ice Knight: Happy Birthday!! ^^ The Mage: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU :D The Mage: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU :D De ciel ouvert: Happy birthday! :) The Mage: Thank you <3 <3 tethysal: happy birthday nikkeh09: Happy Late Birthday!!! Ice Knight: Happy Birthday ^^ The Mage: Have a happy birthday, Zeek :) Larxy The Strange: Happy Belated Birthday! tethysal: happy birthday! The Mage: HAPPY BIRTHDAY teapartyprincess: happy birthday :3 ShoyuLuvah: xoxo -Sanghyun : Happy Easter~!!! ^^ tethysal: happy halloween ! iD0L: Ahh, happy late birthday~ :'D Sorry Larxy The Strange: Happy Belated Birthday! Mannequin Master: Happy birthday ^^ : Happy Birthday!!!! :D tethysal: Happy birthday !!! LMAO: Happy birthday~!! iD0L: Happy birthday! :'D The Mage: Happy birthday! XD See you in a while Ice Knight: I hope you have a great birthday :) aka yuki: some medicine just in case aka yuki: A heart for no reason aka yuki: Oh and some cake aka yuki: Happy birthday here's a sword for you :) tethysal: ty for le sub ! Mazoku Knight: My what a dashing icon you got (=v=) XxArrancarFanxX: Thanks for the sub! :) LGA775: Aww thank you so much my friend^^ Ice Knight: Happy Valentine's Day :) LGA775: Happy Vday my friend Mister Morbid: Happy Valentine's Day Mister Morbid: Happy New Year~ Ice Knight: Happy New Year's ^^ yuko9kost: thanks for subbing^__^ Sly Kings: Merry Christmas :) De ciel ouvert: Merry Christmas <3 Mister Morbid: Happy Holidays, lol Ice Knight: Merry Christmas ^^ De ciel ouvert: Thank yo -Aki Morbid Dollie: Happy Halloween! <3 Moka: I PAINTED YOU A PISHUUUUR Moka: I SCARED YOU ⥠NoirAngel: Thank you for the sub ^__^ : Okay,  okay~ xDD : Oh...yeah, it was. Haha ^^; : It no late, it no late at all!! D; : Why should I go to bed? ;u; Morbid Dollie: Gosh you are sweet <3 Morbid Dollie: Fruit cause ya love it so much! XD : Happy birthday!! xD The Czar: Have a happy birthday! Dragon Emperor: Happy birthday :) LMAO: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ZEEK! Love you~! <33 <33 Ice Knight: I hope that you have a happy birthday ^^ The Unnameables: Happy birthday!! ^^ : Have a nice day, friend!! ^^ Ice Knight: Happy Easter Morbid Dollie: Here's a gift cause you're so nice c: The Czar: Happy St. Patrick's Day XD Ice Knight: Happy St. Patrick's Day to you, too ^^ omnia1: Happy Leprechaun day back lmfao XD x x The Czar: Happy Valentine's Day ^^ : Happy Valentine's Day, baby-boo! *Reiku XxDirEnGreyxX666: <3 omnia1: Thanku so much for my pony hehe ^_^ x iD0L: Happy New Year <3 LMAO: Happy New Year's~!! <33 : Happy New Year to you too, mon ami :) The Unnameables: Happy New Year!!! ^^ -Josh Mannequin Master: Happy New Year The Czar: Happy New Year :) Ice Knight: Happy New Year's. ^__^ Ice Knight: Merry Christmas The Unnameables: Happy Thanksgiving! ^^ The Unnameables: Thank you, Zeek :D LMAO: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! *Hugs* <33 <33 The Czar: I hope you have a great birthday Mannequin Master: Happy birthday again, lol :) The Unnameables: Happy birthday!! :D Ice Knight: Happy birthday, Zeek : Heppy Otaku Legend-ness! <3 : congratulations 4  promoted!! X) : happy Valentine's day, hunny! ^3^ : Merry Christmas! <3 Ice Knight: Merry Christmas ^^ The Czar: Merry Christmas iD0L: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! *Hugs tight* XD -Nicky : 2 my hunny cuppycake <3 Mannequin Master: Lol. Happy birthday : hapyyyyy birfdaaaaaay!!! :D Shi Bum Bumm: Huhppy Burffday lovely :}~ : Happy birthday, possible father! Hunter Kaskura: Happy B-day =) Ice Knight: Happy birthday! ^__^ : Happy Father's Day, Possible Father! : Congrats on the promotion! : Happy Easter. A Glitched System: To a fellow S.T.U. member :D Blood Moon Wolf: Boo >:3 : REMEMBER TO EAT YOUR FRUITS AND VEGGIES : JUST BECAUSE I CAN SEND 12 MIL GIFTS NOW red kie: Merry Christmas! XxDirEnGreyxX666: :3 Yay for new friend <3 chu Noble : Happy Halloween, Zeek and Davey! : This expresses my love for you, Davey xD Manga Huntress: For being first sudscriber  :) : We'll celebrate when you get back! Ice Knight: Happy birthday : i gotz u a panda 4 ur birfdayyy <3 ily!! XCandyLuverX: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ZEEK! Mannequin Master: congratulations on Senior Status, Zeek Just walk away: Eat the pockey stick, haha : cherries.. I just wanted to :) You like? : You're awesome Zeek, so you get this :) : yeah, you know what I mean Shi Bum Bumm: Joo make me laff so I giv u choco!!  X3 BunnyPants101: for being my first subscriber  XD : here is a bonanna! BBOONNAANNNNAA!
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