Quiz Results Kitty K.O.

What Color Link Are You?

No Comment

What Anime Weapon Would Work Best For You?

No Comment

What Undertale Character Are you?

True XD

Which Undertale Soul Are You?

No Comment

What Pokemon Are You?

No Comment

Which Attractor Are You?

That's... actually pretty spot on... =o_o=

Which Attractor Are You?

Even though I don't even know this anime XD

Hetalia! What Country Are You?

Yaaaaay~! *glomps*

Which My Little Pony Are You?

I don't disagree XD But I'm not that kind =o.o=

My Little Pony Personality Test!


Which Prince Of Tennis Starter Are You?

*glomps Eiji* <3

What Legendary Otaku Fanart Artist Are You?

Lol, cool, I'm FUN-chan X3

What Anime Season Are You?

Yay~! =D My favorite season X3

What Sonic-X Character Are You?

No Comment

Which Durarara!! Character Are You?

And I have yet to watch DRRR! XD;;

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