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What Kind Of Japanese Fan Are You?

No Comment

What Hetalia Character Are You?

I could see myself getting this one from a mile away.

What Hetalia Character Are You?

Now this one I get genuinely.

Which Hetalia Guy Would You Date?

I actually cheated. I changed my answers till I got him XD

What Is Your Ninja Rank?


What Anime Hair Color Would You Have?


Which FMA Character Would You Date?

It's not Colonel Mustang? D: Oh, well, it's probably true.

What Female FMA Character Are You?

Yeah. I wouldn't argue.

What Kind Of Japanese Fan Are You?

I took this again... and I wouldn't say I disagree .3.

What Sort Of theOtaku Member Are You?


*hugs Nagisa*

Which Amnesia Guy Will You End Up With?

*squeezes Ukyo*

What Is Your Level Of Sanity?

Yup.. I'm insane..

What Type Of Cookie Are You?

I like chocolate chip cookies...

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