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Gifts Immortal Queen: Happy Birthday!!! narutofangirl8: apology cookie... FORGIVE ME!!T^T King-sama: congratulations 4  promoted!! X) lunastarz: Happy Easter <3 mimistar98: mimistar98: Happy Holidays Naruto-san RedPandaAlchemist: Happy B-Day!!! Repaa inufluffy12: Happy Birthday!!!!! : Ramen for a special day~! narutofangirl8: FELIC CUMPLE ANOS!! Immortal Queen: Happy Birthday Naruto San!! kikkima: Happy Birthday!! ^o^ MewChero: Happy B-day Naruto/Master/Brother!! Felcie: Happy B-Day !!! >__< LoveKouichi: Well, happy birthday then //_^ narutofangirl8: made ya cookies!^^ inufluffy12: o(â§â½â¦)o Bricked inufluffy12: A bribe... WEAR THE BIKINI!!! narutofangirl8: i made you some cake mi amor^^ narutofangirl8: i made you cookies, mi amor^^ Puppet Mistress: HAPPY EARTH DAY! narutofangirl8: te amo!^^ narutofangirl8: HOPE THIS WILL HELP YOU FEEL BETTER!! inufluffy12: Get well soon! : Goodbye *bows* - Tamashi Puppet Mistress: Happy St. Patty's Day! ^^ kyuubiloverhinata: >///< Happy Valentines day Naruto-kun! Pantera17: Happy Valentine's Day, Naruto! ^^ howayoru: Happy Valentine >///< lunastarz: Happy Valentine's Day <3 lunastarz: Happy Valentine's Day <3 howayoru: ramen~! thanks for making me happy ^.^ inufluffy12: Random gift! : Use it on Chie *evil laugh* narutofangirl8: heres a slice of bday cake!! narutofangirl8: thank you very much : Hi Naruto I would like to be friends!! ReiKiba: happy 2010!! kyuubiloverhinata: Merry Christmas! narutofangirl8: happy holidays! inufluffy12: Good luck with Hinata-chan *winks* kyuubiloverhinata: Please accept this Ramen! >///< ReiKiba: this is for Kiba-kun! ReiKiba: Happy friendship! narutofangirl8: to a great friend
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