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Which Durarara!! Character Are You?

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What Type Of Humor Do You Have?

....Yeah. This would be me. Surprisingly, I'm not being sarcastic about being sarcastic....

Which Mew Mew Are You Most Like?

....Probly the only one that doesn't make me want to cause explosions of world-shattering magnitude.

What Doll Are You?

That works. cept for the dress

What Whacked Out Adventures Of Friends Character Are You?

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Which Geass Do You Have?

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What Disney Villain Are You?

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What Rurouni Kenshin Character Are You?

hahahahahaha......I'm not a free-loader....but I can live with the rest. Better than....well....everyone. Kenshin's awesome, but my persona is no-where near his.

What NCIS Character Are You?

...I can live with this. I can always say that I am NOT Dinozzo.

What Element Fits You Best?

...could be worse. doesn't fit me exactly tho......at least I think so.......ehem.

What Professor Layton And The Curious Village Character Are You?

......gentle and kind?

What Angel's Feather Hero Are You?

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What Sort Of theOtaku Member Are You?

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.....Maybe not 'shameless'......

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