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03/23/20 Wild Wallpaper Art theft Spotted on AliExpres.. ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
10/30/19 Magical Unicorns (wallpaper) ~Pink Sweetness~
12/12/18 Secret Santa Otaku Wishlist (2018-19) ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
06/18/20 Judai Winchester TheO Directory
12/17/16 Damn It Derpy! (wallpaper) ~Pink Sweetness~
11/29/16 Drawing #2 WINNer (voting iz closed) ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
10/29/16 wHICH scene should I recreate? (scene 1 winn.. ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
10/07/16 Warning to EVERYONE (art theft problem) ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
10/04/16 Graphic worm UPDATE ~Pink Sweetness~
10/02/16 RWBY vol. 4 "poster" ~Pink Sweetness~
09/16/16 What we have so far.... ~Pink Sweetness~
09/12/16 Graphic worm dead? (upDATE 9/12) ~Pink Sweetness~
09/06/16 APPEND: Art theft has struck...on theO... ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
09/06/16 Art Theft has struck...on theO..... ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
09/05/16 Judai is back, from Chicago! ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
09/05/16 Bored w/ KHUx :/ ( sort of rant ) ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
08/17/16 Graphic worm-ish wallpapers? (Further updates.. ~Pink Sweetness~
07/16/16 Judai's TOP 10 ANIME Ops + Ends [2016] :3 [FI.. OP/ED Musical Countdown
07/05/16 Background Help for Journal world. ~Pink Sweetness~
06/12/16 Art theft has struck again (Part 2) ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
06/09/16 Art theft has struck again ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
05/24/16 For A Dear Friend (spread the word) ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
04/29/16 Challenge has ended ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
01/01/16 iCons for Absurdanie ~Pink Sweetness~
11/14/15 Advertisement for Wallpaper Secret Santa even.. ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
07/24/15 Judai Winchester's TOP 12 Countdown OP/ED Musical Countdown
07/20/15 This concerns Me. ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
07/18/15 Otaku Challenge "to-do" List (3/6 C.. ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
06/06/15 Counter Petition-Let's Save ANIMe! ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
05/30/15 15,000+ views!? xD ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
04/25/15 iDefyn Johan Anderson (Yu-Gi-Oh GX) iDefyn
04/20/15 Would somebody be interested...(Update) ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
04/06/15 Undergoing Construction (feedback appreciated.. ~Pink Sweetness~
04/01/15 Oh Wow! 14,000+ views?! ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
03/20/15 Tagged x3 (super LONG mega Tag post) ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
03/16/15 Tip: Reverse Lookup Image Site ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
03/13/15 Tagged I was. ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
03/02/15 Post Birthday Post ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
02/28/15 We Will Miss You, Mr. Spock (Leonard Nimoy) ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
01/26/15 My Wallpaper ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
01/27/15 In The Park-RP [CLOSED] OC UNIVERSE
01/21/15 (random-ish post) I need a bit of help ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
01/25/15 Practicing Magic-RP [CLOSED] OC UNIVERSE
01/19/15 OC Profile: Felicia Andrews OC UNIVERSE
01/10/15 Hi Guy! (Important: Please Read) ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
01/09/15 Winner: Banner #2! :D ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
12/24/14 Secret Santa iCons for Neily! :D ~Pink Sweetness~
11/30/14 The Road So Far...(Update) ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
11/19/14 Append: Thank yOu My friends! <3 ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
11/19/14 Growing Frustrations! ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
11/08/14 Secret Santa Events wishlist(s) ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
11/06/14 Keeping Track of Secret Santa Events ~Pink Sweetness~
09/29/14 Late Icons for A Friend ~Pink Sweetness~
09/19/14 World Design Update ~Pink Sweetness~
09/09/14 Was Tagged Once Again! :D ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
09/08/14 I got Tagged + My Tag Questions ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
07/02/14 My WOrk has been STOLEN!-Art Thief post ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
05/30/14 RANDOM post-booster post thing :3 ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
03/05/14 Random post ft EPIC wallpaper ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
02/27/14 Introduction paragraph help...Ish ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
02/25/14 Update 1/2- World Name Change. ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
02/20/14 World Under Construction ^^;(help needed) ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
01/12/14 Having trouble deciding on a background (help.. ~Pink Sweetness~
01/12/14 Short info post :) ~Pink Sweetness~
01/06/14 It's Over 9000! (10,000+ Views) ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
12/02/13 My Wish List for Secret Santa events :3 ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
11/18/13 Longish short post(+ banner update) ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
11/01/13 short post is short ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
10/08/13 world design update(ish) ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
10/07/13 Happy October post :D ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
10/03/13 random post(ish) the 2nd :D ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
10/02/13 A Little Post ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
09/18/13 Random(ish) Post ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
09/11/13 9/11-The Day the World Stood still ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
09/09/13 It's OVER 9000~!!!!!! :D ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
09/09/13 I'm not going anywhere ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
09/09/13 one more post (I'm gone) ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
09/04/13 Banner for Sarasface ~Pink Sweetness~
08/28/13 World Theme Update + still not in school ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
08/19/13 I'm gone(for awhile) ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
08/07/13 The Monster Shark Lives (NOT!) ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
08/06/13 New Banner ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
07/16/13 Thank You MangaKid ^3^ ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
07/15/13 Just got home-RP OC UNIVERSE
07/27/13 Temporary background is temporary.... ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
07/05/13 important theO issues/stuff(repost from Moka) ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
07/04/13 Happy 4th of July/independence day :D ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
06/30/13 short post is short :D ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
06/25/13 8000+ Views! (thank u<3) ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
06/18/13 not sure if I could do anymore tags(but I sha.. ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
06/17/13 my first tag from Moka. ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
06/10/13 don't know what to do anymore ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
06/01/13 hospital-rp OC UNIVERSE
05/29/13 Adobe Photoshop Actions:An Overview [ PHOTOSHOP-ERS ] Unite.
05/27/13 Depressed-RP OC UNIVERSE
05/20/13 Judai banner vote ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
05/16/13 Design and Theme Update ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
05/16/13 Been meaning to post this.... ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
05/14/13 Design update ~Pink Sweetness~
05/12/13 depressing Mothers Day ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
05/09/13 suspicious owl is suspicious O.o ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
05/08/13 Renaissance Fair-RP OC UNIVERSE
05/07/13 Interview Owl(about the interview) ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
05/05/13 Owl Post is Posting ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
05/04/13 not feeling good :( ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
05/04/13 a short bit of stuff ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
04/30/13 2+2=Owl OwO ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
04/29/13 Post Fish ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
04/29/13 Town Square-RP(Klassic & ChiPolVee) OC UNIVERSE
04/29/13 My Yu-Gi-Oh GX amv ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
04/25/13 At The Park(swing set)-RP OC UNIVERSE
04/25/13 New Judai Theme~ ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
04/25/13 OC Profile-Katy(Amazing Katy) OC UNIVERSE
04/24/13 My first RP~ ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
04/24/13 By the fountain (RP closed) OC UNIVERSE
04/23/13 Rules for Posting icons ~Pink Sweetness~
04/23/13 Guest Posters? ~Pink Sweetness~
04/22/13 Not sure what the hell I'm doing anymore ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
04/22/13 Johan Icons (x25) ~Pink Sweetness~
04/22/13 Banner revamp ~Pink Sweetness~
04/22/13 Shugo Chara icons (x6) ~Pink Sweetness~
04/19/13 Design update and stuffs ~Pink Sweetness~
04/18/13 the LONg and the Short of it(post) ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
04/17/13 posting again. ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
04/16/13 Untitled Owl ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
04/16/13 Icons for Vanilla Cupcake(repost) ~Pink Sweetness~
04/15/13 Icons for Vanilla Cupcake(surprise) ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
04/12/13 update and stuff.... ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
04/08/13 injured kitty is Injured ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
04/08/13 Owls LOVE ART! ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
04/08/13 Owls are Posting O.O ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
04/08/13 Thank you MangaKid... ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
04/07/13 Post Owl 2 ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
04/05/13 Post Owl OwO ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
04/05/13 Extending an olive branch..... ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
04/05/13 surprise icons for RaiumiTheKHFan ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
03/31/13 happy Easter...I guess ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
03/28/13 Spring Break is Over :( ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
03/28/13 World Updates ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
03/25/13 Another day,another post or something :P ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
03/20/13 On Spring Break.... ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
03/17/13 haven't posted for a while... ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
03/14/13 Finally Got to See It~ ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
03/13/13 A small post~ ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
03/12/13 Theme/Banner update ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
03/12/13 5000+ Views! (Arigatou Gozaimasu! :D) ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
03/26/13 Judai's VOICE MEME(Questions CLOSED) ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
03/07/13 Sort of a continuation post.... ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
03/07/13 Things involving other things or something ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
03/06/13 New theme & banner ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
03/05/13 Pretty much the truth.... ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
03/05/13 Things I'd Like to See on theO(response post) ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
03/04/13 Posting again.... ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
03/04/13 Arigatou Gozaimasu (Thank you so much~) ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
03/02/13 Been meaning to post this... ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
02/25/13 Random Post:LOL Cats ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
02/25/13 Sorry for being inactive :( ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
02/21/13 Snowstorm from Hell ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
02/12/13 New Journal Cover ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
02/11/13 Random Post:Dark Side Cookies :D ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
02/11/13 Frustrated as Hell >:( ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
02/08/13 Random post is random :P ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
02/07/13 Judai here..... ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
02/04/13 700 Wallpapers ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
02/04/13 Time to post again.... ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
01/29/13 Feel Like Posting ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
01/28/13 Op Free Aishah ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
01/25/13 my life sucks!!!!! ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
01/22/13 I hate my cold!!!!! ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
01/22/13 Updated Journal Cover ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
01/21/13 Judai Here! ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
01/17/13 Tired.... ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
01/17/13 New Journal Cover~ ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
01/14/13 Just a Post ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
01/14/13 theOtaku:Project Wallpaper Slideshow(re-post) Artist Cubby
01/11/13 Judai's SS Valentine Wishlist ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
01/07/13 iCONS for AriesxzeroSeven ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
01/03/13 New world theme (sort of) ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
01/02/13 Happy 2013! :) ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
03/11/13 theOtaku Project Wallpaper Slideshow ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
12/25/12 merry Christmas ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
12/23/12 Christmas is upon us.... ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
12/17/12 I've Been Sick(and still sick) ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
12/10/12 Got my Christmas Tree up,FINALLY! ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
12/07/12 Weeaboo Test(taken from Blue Latte) ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
12/06/12 Judai is not happy ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
12/06/12 Judai's Holiday Cover ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
12/05/12 Icon Practice(Zuzu Uchiha) ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
12/04/12 And the winner is..... ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
12/03/12 Christmas Theme? ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
11/30/12 Sick of Being Sick :'( ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
11/28/12 Judai's Wishlist (FanArts) ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
11/22/12 Breaking Dawn:Pt.2~the Movie Review ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
11/19/12 Random Title :P ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
11/16/12 Haven't Posted for Awhile ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
11/15/12 New Journal Cover ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
12/03/12 3,000 + Views! Thank You :D ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
11/06/12 Judai's Wishlist(ICONs) ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
11/05/12 Feeling a little better.... ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
11/05/12 Frustrated... ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
11/03/12 So Far Down ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
10/30/12 Hurricane Sandy=BIG PROBLEM :'( ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
10/30/12 EPIC AMV ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
10/29/12 Judai's Secret Santa Wishlist (wallpapers) ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
10/29/12 Dumb Youtube! :( ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
10/28/12 Judai's Upcoming Week ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
10/25/12 I'm Sorry :'( ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
10/22/12 Judai's First Job Interview :DDDDD ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
10/16/12 Judai cosplay help ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
10/16/12 Sad Judai is sad about Kitty ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
10/15/12 Judai is Numba 1 :DDDD ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
10/15/12 otHer things involving other things :P ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
10/15/12 New "Journal" cover ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
10/12/12 Thinking about changing my username ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
10/10/12 I've had better days ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
10/08/12 Depressed and Alone :'( ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
10/04/12 *random post from Judai* ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
10/04/12 Judai is UPSET!!!!!! :'( ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
10/02/12 *random post is random* ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
10/03/12 New Video by Judai! ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
10/01/12 *EXCLUSIVE*Special Feature* XkeyofdestinyX ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
09/30/12 Any Advice for Judai? ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
09/27/12 New Theme & world name ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
09/20/12 So Sorry I haven't posted..... ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
09/05/12 Things involving other things~ ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
09/05/12 World Design Update (KH and DW) ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
08/24/12 EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!! ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
08/21/12 Back to School + I have a bad headache ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
08/18/12 Watermark Help.... ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
08/16/12 Chibi Moon Theme! ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
08/15/12 I <3 KENN!!!!! ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
08/15/12 Art Thieves=EPIC FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!! ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
08/13/12 *Exclusive Special Feature* MangaKid ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
08/13/12 200 Subs, THANK U SO MUCH :DDD ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
08/01/12 *Exclusive Special Feature* Wolftrest ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
07/31/12 Plagiarism is STUPID!!(Artist Cubby repost) Artist Cubby
07/31/12 Plagiarism is STUPID!!!!! :( ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
07/30/12 Suspicious Message O_o0 ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
07/25/12 *Special Feature* 8? ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
07/24/12 *Speacial Feature* 6 or 7? ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
07/23/12 Parasailing Video ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
07/13/12 New Theme! ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
06/29/12 I almost lost my life today... ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
06/20/12 Not Going to Be Here for awhile ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
06/18/12 I Won my first Fan Art Challenge! Artist Cubby
06/04/12 New World Background! ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
05/18/12 Robins! ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
06/21/12 Voice Meme thing(ask me stuff) ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
05/14/12 Meet Stumpy the Raccoon! Artist Cubby
05/14/12 *Special Feature* 6 ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
05/08/12 *Special Feature* 5 ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
05/08/12 *Special Feature* 4 ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
05/08/12 *Special Feature* 3 ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
05/07/12 *Special Feature* 2 ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
05/07/12 Thank You for 1,000+ Views! ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
05/04/12 *Special Feature* ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
04/30/12 Manga Help Artist Cubby
04/25/12 Upcoming Fan Manga ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
04/19/12 Yay 173 Subscribers! ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
04/16/12 Help with Challenge ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
05/14/12 0 Free Sketch Left! ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
06/16/19 Artist Profile: Judai Winchester Artist Cubby
06/14/11 currently on hiatus ☻☹EDGELoRD✿Diaries☹☻
09/03/08 Time's Memories~A Sora and Kaiba story Animeniacs

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