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Tales Of Graces Personality Quiz!

I realize I am beginning to love rapiers when I realize they are the most functional sword, but that has nothing to do with Tales of Graces.

It was a My Little Pony quiz the whole time. I should really read the tags...XD

What Is Your Bending-Element?

Blood bender I say!

Which Host Type Are You?

Wait, what's boy lolita? Shota? This could mean a number of things.

What Hetalia Character Are You?

Okiedokie. Guess it makes sense.

Which One Of My Main OC's Are You?

I like quizzes like this, but it's strange when people assume we know who their characters are...O.o;

What Type Of Gamer Are You?

Weirdest quiz ever...O.o;

Who Are Your Tribes people?

Wuteva that is (totes takes quizzes for things I don't know about(

Are You The Sun, Moon, Or Earth?

What did I say quiz, what did I say?

What Type Of Cookie Are You?

This was a really detailed quiz. I forgot it was about cookies! XD

What Kamen Rider Are You?

Hoho, I never watch this show...'orz

Which Sonic Character Would Be Your Best Man?

I-I don't know anything about weddings...O.o;

Which Hetalia Guy Would You Date?

CANADAAA!! I don't actually watch this show...but I was singing the Canadian national anthem yesterday annddd...

Which Sword Art Online Character Are You?

........To be honest I was watching something while I did this so my answers are probably wrong...'orz

What Xiaolin Showdown Character Are You?

OMIIII..I don't really have opinions about the other characters, but I do just like Omi...XD

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