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    What is your favorite colour out of these?

    Navy (Dark blue)
    Soft brown

    What is your favorite animal out of these?


    RPG time! Someone jumps on you and demands money, you...

    Yo, back off!
    He doesn't. (Me: What do you mean?) He's dead. (Me: I wonder who killed him...)
    With the power of youth you shall no longer approach me!!
    Hey, watch yourself or you'll remember this for the rest of your life...
    Heh, ok, you wanna play rough? Game on...

    RPG: You are walking, and Sasuke comes, just as you were about to say hi, he pins you to the wall and confesses. You...

    Sorry but I only like you as a friend.
    Why, Sasuke-kun, I don't know what to say...
    OMG I knew you like meee!!! *He slowly backs away*
    What? Sorry I was busy... (Me: Poor excuse)
    You can let go of me now, 'Cause I don't like you!

    RPG: Kiba asks you to be his girl, you...

    Of course!! *Hugs him*
    Eww get away from me...
    Ok so let our first date be in the ramen shop!!
    Ok, back off dude...
    Ok! Let me show you the splendour of my youthfulness!! ^o^

    RPG: Gaara sits by you, you are kind of friends, he then asks you "What do you think of me?" you...

    I think your a monster.
    I think you are just like everyone else.
    I think that you are not a monster, and if you are, one with a heart...
    I think you shine as much as anyone else does. ^_^
    I think you should brush your teeth. (Me: lol, didn't see that one coming...)

    RPG: You are on the second part of the chuunin exams, Rock Lee then offers you a daisy, wishing you good luck, you...

    Happily accept it, and give him thanks.
    Takes it but throws it in the trash later.
    Stares at it before he gets annoyed and walks away.
    Take the flower, then afterwards once you've won you think the daisy is luck, so you pick the petals for your crush.
    Ignores it and walks away.

    RPG: You and Naruto pass the chuunin exams, he is so happy, he invited you to eat ramen with him, you...

    Decline and say "Geek I've got better thing to do".
    Happily accepts grinning from ear to ear.
    Accepts, then challenge him to 'who finnishes their ramen first' race.
    Glares at him and walks away.
    Um, I'm busy so I can't, bye!! (Me: That one again?!)

    End RPG, who do you want to get out of Kiba, Naruto, Sasuke, Gaara, and Rock Lee?

    Rock Lee

    I hope you enjoyed my quiz!

    Yeah, I did!!
    Sure, t'was a blast!
    It was horrible. (Me: So cruel...)
    Fine, I'll be nice, yeah it was good. (Me: Do you truly mean it...?) Don't push it...
    It was so youthful!!

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