Tieshima Who Is Your Ouran Host Date?

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    The big question. O.o Which do you prefer to date...

    Either one is fine. *shrugs*

    Describe your perfect love.

    (choose at least 2 and at most 4 answers)
    Self centered
    Kind of scary
    Trickster >:-3

    What do you think of genders?

    What about them?
    Men should act like men and girls should act like girls! You hear that Haruhi!!! T-T
    They're what we are but do not restrict us on who we can date, what we can do, and how we can dress.

    Which would you prefer your date to be?

    Poor. I hate rich people. >:(
    Doesn't really matter as long as they have a personality I like.

    The most important question of all. What is your favorite color?

    Your "favorite color" is NOT an important question. *duh*
    Burnt orange
    Red, like a rose.

    How did the two of you meet?

    None of your business. *sheesh no need to be so rude ga.*
    I broke a valuable vase and was forced to work for them and their friends.
    They broke a valuable vase and was forced to work for me and my friends.
    I was asking one of their friends for help and fell in love.
    I've been playing a love simulation video game and found the character in real life and flew miles to be with him.

    Is your love...

    Younger than you?
    The same age as you?
    Older than you?

    If your friend suddenly got engaged to a conniving crazy person who was going to take your love thousands of miles away what would you do?

    You'd march right up to the person and yell in their ear, "STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM MY FRIEND!!!!
    Grab the nearest horse and carriage and go after them to stop them from going and to call off the engagement.
    Rationally talk them out of it.
    If they were happy with it then I'd allow it.

    Here's a question just for the hell of it. What do you think of bunnies. (:D

    I wuv bunnies!!!! X3
    What kind of quiz is this?
    This is a waste of my time.*Then why did you take this waste of a time quiz in the first place!?! >:-( *

    Alright the REAL important question. Did you like this quiz?

    You bet. XD
    Yah it was okay.
    Not really.
    No, it was pointless. *if it was soooo pointless why did you TAKE IT! >:( *

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