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    What does your crime fighting costume look like?

    An old trenchcoat, a violet and black pinstripe suit, a matching fedora, a white scarf, elevator shoes, black gloves, and a mask with black and white symmetrically moving shapes.
    Naked! No clothes or costumes! Yay! ^.^
    A translucent, yellow, short dress with long baggy sleeves, a skin-tight, black, leather bathing suit that forms a large "V" from my neck down to my stomach, black stilletto heels, and a collar and matching earrings.
    A brown and black, hooded cape that covers part of my face, a grey shirt, grey tights, large, tight, brown gloves and boots, a big yellow belt with a crescent moon in the middle, and special night-vision goggles.
    A long, flowing, purple cape, a large, loose, purple t-shirt with a large golden collar that covers my shoulders, a tight, gold, long-sleeved shirt under the t-shirt, gold tights, a large gold belt, and small, purple shoes.
    A tight, black muscle shirt with shoulder pads that resemble my country's flag, black tights, small, black gloves, big, black boots, a happy face pin, and (I sometimes wear) a black wrestler's mask.

    What do you look like (not in costume)?

    Usually I wear just casual clothes, but sometimes I wear a black suit with a black bowtie when I'm around important people. I'm a brunette with a mustache and thick eyebrows, and I'm rather buff.
    Most of the time I wear a black business suit with a purple jacket. I'm in perfect shape, and I have short, blonde hair; I'm stylish, attractive, and handsome.
    When I'm around other people I usually wear a tan business suit with a dark-colored tie, but when I'm alone, I tend to wear something loose and comfortable. Also, I wear a pair of big, dorky-looking glasses. I'm a little overweight, and I have brown, combed-back hair.
    I always wear stylish, but modest outfits and a little bit of make-up. I'm in very good shape, and I have long, healthy, brown hair. I'm pretty attractive for someone my age.
    I'm naked! ^.^ I have blue skin and I'm in good physical condition. I'm not very average.
    I wear what I can afford; a big, old, brown coat, a shaggy green suit, and sometimes I wear some worn out gloves that are open at the fingers. I'm short and really ugly. I have short, messy, red hair, and lots of large freckles, but I keep myself in shape.

    How would you prefer to look?

    I would like to look a little more like my mother; maybe a lighter hair color.
    I'm satisfied with my current appearance, but if I wanted to, I could change my physical appearance in a matter of minutes.
    I've been considering getting contact lenses. Also, I'd like to try a new hair style and lose some weight.
    I think I have achieved the perfect image for myself.
    I'm satisfied with my appearance, but maybe I could do without some of those grey hairs...
    I'd like to be taller, and I'd like a new face; this face is almost unbearable to look at.

    What weapon do you use?

    My super powers!
    My mind and my body, working together. I'm very strong, fast, and flexible.
    My physical strength, guns, and a flamethrower.
    My mind and the special gadgets I make.
    I use whatever is available for a weapon; improvise.
    A gun and my body. In combat, I normally use the fighting skills that I've been taught combined with my strength.

    How's your love life?

    It's always unstable. I can't keep a partner for long enough.
    I've been single for a very long time, but I think I've found my soulmate now...
    I've unexpectedly started an affair with a good friend of mine.
    I don't have time for romance, and I don't think anyone is good enough for me, but I'm very fond of my pet cat. =^.^=
    I've been with a lot of people, but I've never had a long-term relationship with them.

    Your friends describe you as...

    Extroverted, honest, funny, and mean/cruel.
    Inhuman, indifferent, scientific, confusing, and powerful.
    Old-fashioned, friendly, kind of funny, and submissive.
    Confused, emotional, and dominant.
    Sick, crazy, depressing, and cynical.
    Very intelligent, powerful, vain, and a good businessman.

    What sin(s) do you commit the most?

    Sloth and gluttony.
    Lust and wrath.
    Lust and greed.

    What is your home like?

    A nicely furnished apartment for two, or on another planet.
    A fancy, expensive apartment for one.
    I've got a lot of big, specialized estates around the world.
    A comfortable townhouse.
    A messy, run-down apartment that I can barely pay the rent for.
    In that nicely furnished apartment for two, or at a friend's house.

    The Earth is...

    A joke, and only I am laughing.
    Not perfect, but it's still precious and unique due to its experiences; the Earth is valuable.
    No more valuable than any of the other planets. The Earth's only unique features are the insignificant life forms that are futilely trying to shape and change it.
    Precious, and requires care and nourishment to help it grow.
    Very big and has many flaws. However, if many people try to fix the flaws, the Earth may become a better place.
    Dying of rabies and has no moral guidance. The only thing I can do is force my morals upon the Earth or watch it die.

    What was your past like?

    I didn't know my father very well, and my mother tried to make me just like her. It seems that I've spent most of my life just being angry and confused.
    I'm a lousy father, and I've hurt a lot of people, but I've lived happily up until now.
    My father made me become something that I never wanted to be, so I wouldn't end up like him. Over time I've been losing interest in things, and my lack of interest is ruining my relationships.
    I grew up in a good, wealthy family, and I got rich when my father died. I have low self esteem, so I like to fantasize over the things that I admire.
    I never knew my father, and my mother was an abusive whore. I've seen many injustices, and I've developed a personality disorder.
    I'm an ambitious man; when my parents died, I became rich, but I wanted to make my own fortune, so I gave everything away to charities. Then I followed in the footsteps of my idol, and made myself into an ideal person.

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