Aaryanna What Dragon Quest VIII Character Are You?

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    How about we start with a simple question. What is your favorite color?

    If you wish to live to see tomorrow, you'll stop with the stupidity right now. ._.

    Uh... right, sorry about that. >_> How about we try again? If you were cursed, what would you do?

    I can't be cursed.
    I'm already cursed. o_O
    I'd remove it of course, nothing could be easier.
    Remove it? I just cast it. Idiot.
    Can't say I know much about curses. You'll have to figure it out.
    Can I have some cheese please? *oblivious*

    Okay, so you figured out the problem with the curse, unfortunately for you, you're lost. Now what?

    Perhaps we should set up camp and rest a bit. We can scout the area later to figure out where to go next.
    You're the idiot that got us lost, you figure it out.
    Don't be silly, I don't get lost. Ever.
    There's no need to panic, I'm sure we can figure it out somehow.
    I have a perfect sense of direction, seriously.

    You're in luck; a town was nearby so now that you've rested, it's time to get going again. Where will you go next?

    Could we perhaps visit that mystical spring again? If it's not out of the way that is.
    Just do what must be done. I'm only here to support you if needed.
    What are you looking at me for? It's your job to decide where to go next.
    I just follow the guv here.
    Right, well I would think it's pretty obvious that we should check the next town for clues if we want to ever catch Dhoulmagus.
    It wouldn't hurt to stop by the local pub and have a drink or two first.
    We can't afford to delay any longer. Let's get going!
    You decide, I'm going to take a nap.
    Wherever I want, obviously.

    On your way to the next town you're ambushed by a pack of monsters!

    I'd better stay out of the way. ^^
    Let me at 'em. They'll regret ambushing us.
    Be careful everyone!

    Congrats! You took care of the wild monsters attacking you. Unfortunately it looks like there are more of them. What will you do?

    Oh this is rich, you honestly think stuff would attack me? Get real.
    Why are there so many monsters?
    Can we escape?
    Let them attack; I'll burn them to the ground with my magic!
    The ladies will have to wait while I take care of this.
    We can't turn back, we have to keep going!
    I'm sure you can do it.
    I'll help if they ask me to.
    You can't take me down so easily.

    You survived somehow but you didn't find what you were looking for at the next town.

    We can't give up! If we keep looking we'll figure out what to do next.
    Well you didn't expect it to be that easy, did you?
    I'll just wait for you to figure it out.
    I will never stop or give up. Never!

    It took you a while, but in the end you finally completed your quest. What will you do now?

    Why do I get the feeling that you are lying to me?
    I'll check to make sure everyone who was cursed is okay now.
    It's about time!
    I'll be heading out now. Take care.
    I'm so proud of my family.
    I'm going to go back home and tell everyone the good news.
    I don't know.
    Well I suppose I should see how the ladies are doing. They probably miss me.
    I will keep serving my country of course.

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