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    Your crush accidentally bumps into you, Then you two fell into a kissing pose.. How would you react?

    Ah . ..
    P-Please get up.
    *gets up without helping him and kicks his head* BAKA! BAKA! STUUUPID!
    Hey people watching, don't you dare take him away from me or I'll f*cking kill you.
    Hey, get up now would you *gives hand*

    How do you appear to your crush?

    (choose at least 2 and at most 5 answers)
    Sweet but creepy.
    Obsessive much?

    Your crush says "Do you like me?"

    YOU FREAKING IDIOT !!! I-I-I DON'T! *blushes*
    Actually . . I do. *lowers head*
    Yes, and if anyone would like you other than me, I'll kill them!
    Yes Hasegawa-kun . . I do like you. *blushes*
    *nods, blushing*

    He asks you to go out with him, what do you do?

    Of Course I'd like too!
    Uh.. sure.
    Yes! *hugs* (If you break up with me, You'll be dead.)
    *nods silently*
    B-Baka! Of course!

    Your new kawaii desu darling gets beaten up, what do you do?

    Hello there Motherf*ckers, If you go near him once again I'll beat you up!
    P-Please don't hurt him . .
    I don't care about him though.. *goes away*
    *starts cutting off everyones fingers* Hahahah~ That's what you get for beating him up.*smiles*
    Please go away.
    *goes near him* H-Hasegawa-kun!! Are you alright?

    Someone flirts with your bishie darling, what would you do?

    Oh hello there *smiles gently* The next time you go flirt him, remember I'll cut off your head!
    W-What are you doing? It's not that I care or a-anything!
    Why.. are you doing this to me?
    *Stares at him, about to cry*
    You don't dare .. do this to me, would you?

    He asks you "Do you love me?"

    Of course I do..
    Yes! And I'll kill anyone that harms our love.
    B-Baka!! I-I-I don't . . *whispers* I do...
    *nods then hugs him*
    Yes Hasegawa-kun...

    Hey you, before we end up.. say good bye!

    Bye Bye Ai :D
    Stop asking idiotic questions. . baka!
    Next time you flirt with Hasegawa, I'll kill you c:
    .. It was fun.
    *smiles* Byeeee !

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