HikariNoUmi Which Main Character Are You? YGO Dream, VK Faith of X-Warriors?

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guardianoflife GardnerSerena

    Describe your hair length:3

    Not really long, around my neck(or shorter)
    Around my waist
    Above my waist, around my back

    Hair colour?


    Eye colour?

    Ice blue
    Dark blue

    Favourite colour?

    Pink, black, red
    Light blue, white, gray
    Every tone of blue, orange, yellow

    Your personality?

    Cold and calm, can make good plans, trustful
    Sometimes shy, quiet, patient, maybe crybaby
    Energetic, quick-temper, impatient etc

    Do people hate you? Why?

    No, why should they?
    If they hate, it's because I'm sometimes too cold and distant
    I hurt the people I care even I don't want to do

    What kind of guy would you have crush?

    A reliable, strong, clever guy
    A guy that loves me in his heart deeply, but he doesn't have to show it
    An energetic guy, has to have a very good sense of humor

    If you had power, which one would you prefer?:3

    Revive the dead
    To have an object and turn it to different objects
    Being immortal
    To fly
    To control the wind
    To erase mind
    To materialize the monsters in Duel Monsters gameX3
    To kill the person I bite*evillaugh*
    To create a beam with my energy
    To be an heir of God, Goddess etc.

    What are your hobbies?:3

    Reading book
    Going out
    Writing diaries

    What would you detest?

    To be called as "monster", "that thing", "jerk" etc.
    I get really sad when someone doesn't believe me even I tell the truth
    To see someone that has no rights
    Selfish people
    Guys that try to attract girls' attention

    How would you react if someone destroyed a present that was given to you?

    I'd try to be calm(or I wouldn't mind)
    I'd try to repair the present
    I'd kill the person who destroyed that

    What do you think you're beautiful?

    Yes I am beautiful!XD
    I don't think I amO////O
    I don't mind being beautiful

    Do you obey someone of are you independent?

    There is someone above me, I obey him/her
    I am independent

    Which anime guy is your fav?

    Zero Kiryuu(from Vampire Knight)
    Atem/Yami Yugi(from Yu-Gi-Oh)
    Cenk Yilmaz(from X-WARRIORS made by Tennosei-No-Hime on deviantART)

    How do you react if I try to befriend you?

    Let's befriend!:D
    Why should I?

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