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    What is your favorite color?


    Okay! One-hit kill on a cat bot! How will you kill him?

    Heat vision!
    Heat vision, then hang out at the Tuna Cannery!
    Death by Batarang!
    Decapitation with my big tooth, eh!
    Psychic levitation!
    Hang the varmint with my tail!
    Blow up, and smash him to bits!
    Burn him to a crisp!
    Trip him up with my paws!
    Ram him with my horns!

    You're most likely to live in...

    My house...with my family.
    The alley near the Tuna Cannery!.
    A dark city, fighting crime, on my own.
    The Dog Star Partol ship.
    A cold, or arctic climate!
    A hot climate, or tropical island or volcano!
    The old west.
    Somewhere in London.
    Some where fun and bouncy!

    You're watching a sad movie,you would...

    Cry quietly. Crying is natural during a sad movie.
    Be out of the scene. I'm more interested in food than the movie!
    Be off fighting crime. I have no time for sappy flicks.
    Sit there watching it without emotion.
    Choke up but hide the tears streaming down my face.
    Barfing, because it's so sappy!
    Burst into hysterical sobbing and be asked to leave the movie.
    Feel sad but not cry.
    Cry! Pass me the tissues!
    I wouldn't be waching that, I would be watching Star Trek!

    Describe your personality.

    Well...I'm nice and I care about others a lot!
    I am a comic relief sidekick type, but try to live up to the youngster's expectations.
    Dark, cold and brooding.
    I'm a bit of a shy guy and a Trekkie, eh!
    Wise and a little strict.
    I'm CRANKY! Now get me a hot dog! And DON'T forget the mustard!!!
    I'm a nice guy but when push comes to shove,I know my stuff,partner!
    Super-cheerful and outgoing!
    Tuff, loyal to my friend and can drop a joke when I want to!
    Well...I'm a bit stupid, but when it comes to stuff I know, I'm good at it!

    The hygiene question...

    I take good care of my personal hygene,day in and day out!
    My partner keeps me well-groomed.
    My owner sure loves to "pamper" and give me baths.
    Isn't that a personal question?
    I brush my tooth everyday and over use hand gel, eh!
    WHAT?! Are you saying that I smell!? That does it, buster. You're going down, pal!
    Reckon' my coat is a little messy but that can be fixed, as long as I don't smell of strawberries!
    EEEEK! Don't look at me in the shower!
    I'm often told cut my nails, but apart from that I'm fine.
    I take a shower EVERY day.

    How do you eat a packed food?

    Use my X-Ray vision to inspect it for Kryptonite, if it doesn't have any, I eat it!
    Slice it in half with a Batarang. Eat one half and save the other for later!
    Argh, I'd just eat it!
    Drill into it with my big sharp tooth, eh!
    Easy! I just let it melt in my mouth! After all, I am HOT!
    Catch the little varmint with my tail and eat it!
    Open it with my extra paws.
    Cut it open with my horns.
    Use my Phaser to destroy the packaging!
    I won't eat it! It might make me bloated!

    Let's play!

    Play? I love to play!
    I have no time to play. I'm off fighting crime!
    Playing is nice but i'm feeling like a cat nap, thank you.
    I will play for real with this bouncy bouncy ball!
    I'm NOT in the mood for playing! Gimme some hot dogs!
    Of course I'll let you play with me!
    If I have to...but I'd just play with my friend!
    How about ropin' some cattle there, partner!
    Sure! I'm grate at netball, and sports like that!
    OK, as long as it's Minecraft!

    Pick a song:

    "Kryptonite" by 3 Doors Down.
    "Cat Scratch Fever" by Ted Nugent.
    "Blackout" by Breath Carolina.
    "Blue {Da Ba Dee}" by Eiffel 65.
    "Bad Boys" by Alexandra Burke.
    "Sweet Home Alabama" by Lynyrd Skynyrd.
    "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic" by The Police.
    "What a Feeling" by Irene Cara.
    "Stronger" by Kelly Clarkson.
    "Where Them Mobs At" by VideoGames.

    What did you think of this quiz?

    It was a decent quiz with a nice sense of humor!
    It did thing things "The Easy Way".
    It made me hungry. Off to the Tuna Cannery!
    The quiz stop me playing Minecraft, eh.
    The quiz was...okay. Could do without question 6.
    Had it's ups and downs but I was cool with it, partner.
    It was a very nice quiz!
    It was VERY fun!
    I couldn't have done a quiz better myself. And that's a fact!

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