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    Hi! I hope you enjoy this quiz!!! It's my first, so please let me know if there's anything I should improve :3

    This is exciting!! All right, let's start!! :D
    Awesome! Okay, where's the start button?
    Sure, okay.
    Whatever. Get on with it.
    Great! This is literally going to be the best quiz I have ever taken!!!
    Okay! Looking forward to it, I guess?
    Dope quiz, man. But it can definitely be better.
    This is a waste of time. Let's just get this over with.
    I doubt my opinion matters, but this quiz seems like it's going to be AMAZING.
    Hell yeah it needs to be improved!!!

    Work has become more stressful during these past two weeks. What do you do?

    See if I can find a solution, then relax a bit if it doesn't work.
    Work harder! I don't care if it's stressful and caffeine always helps!
    See if I can take a break, then later continue.
    Flunk work. It's possible.
    Nothing stresses me out!
    Laze around, maybe go home early.
    Blame the government.
    Oh, no. Work is never stressful for me!
    Well, I'll just keep working hard, I guess.
    I'll bury myself in more work...

    What do you normally do after work/school?

    Enjoy time with my wife/husband (or significant other).
    Prepare work for the next day.
    Write a couple of songs, maybe?
    Do whatever I normally do. Just hang around.
    Go out to a nightclub!
    Why should I tell you?
    Well, I do many things. Mostly I go to the gym or go jogging for a few hours!
    Not sure... it depends.
    Maybe go to the spa. Follow me on twitter if you REALLY want to know. ;)
    Go home on time and have dinner with my family.

    Which of these words describe you best?

    (choose at least 3 and at most 8 answers)

    Which of these flaws do you have?

    (choose at least 3 and at most 8 answers)
    You're nervous around cops.
    You're lazy.
    You push yourself too hard.
    You're a bit too cruel.
    You're not too bright.
    You can get depressed easily.
    You can be very harsh at times.
    Your favorite font is Comic Sans.
    You're too mysterious.
    You can be annoying when angry.

    Who would be your perfect date?

    Someone who isn't perfect.
    Someone I can relate to.
    Someone who likes me (and my band)!
    Someone who actually understands me.
    Someone who shares my personality!
    Someone interesting, who isn't just like me.
    Don't care. I'll only have them for one night anyway.
    I'm already happily married.
    What business is it of yours?
    Someone hot and amazing who loves my nightclub.

    (OOC question) Who's your favorite couple on the TV show?


    What's your life motto?

    Life's a bitch and then you die.
    Life is a desire, not a meaning.
    Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.
    Life is a crazy ride where nothing is guaranteed.
    Life is awesome!
    You only live once.
    Don't really have one...
    Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.
    The most important thing in life is to be happy.
    Don't gamble on the future. Act now, change your life.

    What do you say often?

    No one achieves anything alone.
    Pizza? Never heard of it.
    I'll never be a cop... I'll have to be a robber.
    The world's my gymnasium!
    I hate people.
    Don't really know...?
    I'm not gonna tell you.
    My marbles are full of mouth today! Sorry...
    Be a man.
    King of swag, master of slang.

    Favorite food?

    Waffles. With whipped cream.
    Anything that's cool. Like maybe blood. Or bat wings.
    Anything healthy or no-fat.
    I like a variety of food.
    Don't really have a favorite.
    Anything my family makes... they're so good at cooking!
    Fresh steak or ribs.
    Anything that I can post pictures of on Instagram!

    Where is the most awesome place to be?

    My hometown, of course!
    I'm happy where I am.
    England is pretty cool!
    Transylvania. I want to go live there.
    I'm fine with any place, as long as it has good hygiene.
    My birthplace, maybe.
    Anywhere in America.
    Wherever my family goes!
    I'll stay where I am, please and thank you.
    Any warm beach, where I can sunbathe and meet hot girls!

    Okay bye! Hope you enjoyed the quiz!

    I definitely enjoyed!!! Thank you!
    Thanks for having me. This was fun.
    Aw man, it's already over? Time passes quickly.
    Whatever. Waste of my time.
    That was very entertaining! Keep making great quizzes like these!
    Nice quiz! Thanks for making it.
    Not bad, for a beginner. I think you can do better, though.
    This was very fun! I'll share this with my family.
    This quiz was fine. I will leave now.
    Dope quiz. But I have some suggestions to make it better...

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