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    Hi! Thanks for taking this quiz! ^^

    No prob! ^^
    Hi! I'm so excited!
    I can't wait for my results!
    Um... no problem...

    Let's start with RPG (of course!)

    Yay! I love this quiz already! ^^
    Yay! Let's get started!
    This better be good...

    Okay. You find out that you are moving and transferring to a new school!

    NO! All my friends....
    *runs away* NEVER!
    YAY! New friends!
    I guess it's okay. I didn't really know anyone here anyway...

    It's your first day at your new school. Ready?

    No. No way.
    Yes! New friends await!
    *nervous sweat drop* Maybe?
    *sighs* Sure...

    You are asked where you want to sit.

    *sits by the window*
    *sits in the middle of the room*
    *sits in the back*
    *sits in the front*

    Okay... Interesting. At lunch, you sit where?

    By my new friends!
    By the window, staring at a tree...
    By myself. (;_;)
    Kind of near some people and I try to start a conversation.

    Almost done! After a long day, you get back home.

    Whew! That was tiring.
    Goodbye, my friends...
    My manga! I'm coming for you!
    Yay! School is over!

    At home, you:

    Stare out the window. (Me: Are you depressed or something??)
    Read my manga. That's all I do in my free time!
    Text my friends. Yay friends! ^^
    Do my homework. I'm SO not turning my work in late.

    Okay! Done! How was it?

    Okay, I guess.
    This better be good...
    It was really fun!

    Okay. Bye!

    BYE!!! ^^
    Get to the results!!!
    *clicks ask guru*

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