FMARocksSoMuch Which one of my UTAU OCs are you most like?

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    Hi~! Welcome to this UTAU OC related quiz of mine~! How are you today~?

    I'm good~! You~? ( ^0^)/
    Ah... I-I'm fine, thank you~
    Not bad... Yourself..?
    I'm doing just great, thank you! ^_^
    I'm cool, hey, do you have any watermelon...?
    ...Meh, can't complain...

    First off, how are you with singing? ( ^0^)

    I can sing a basic melody...
    Ahh, I'm nothing special..! ( ;^_^)>
    Operatic... That's how I am with singing...
    I am the best..! 8D
    I guess I'm okay...
    ...Let's just say I try, 'kay?

    Who would you usually hang out with on a weekend?

    Myself... ( TT 7 TT)/
    If someone invites me to go out, I'll go with... ( ;-_-)>

    What is your favourite colour~?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 3 answers)

    ...Anndd, favourite food..?

    Strawberries~! \( ^7^)/
    Bubble Tea~! ...wait... does that count as a food..?
    No preference... (¬_¬)
    Ooohh~ Tropical Fruits~! ( ^_^)
    Err... Fast Foods..? ( '-')>

    Which of these words best describes you?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 3 answers)

    Which place would you most likely go to on a day out with your friend?

    To the park~! 8D
    Arcade, or something..?
    Shopping, buying food from street vendors and little fast food restaurants~! ( ^_^)
    Pub... Club... Somewhere to have drinks and chat up guys/girls~!
    A restaurant could be nice~
    I'd just go where ever they take me...

    Someone just punched your friend to the ground; how do you react?

    Calmly walk towards the situation, floor the guy who hit your friend with one swing of your arm, pick up your friend and calmly walk away...
    Be really scared but manage to grab your friend and run. Nurse your friend's wounds when you're in a safer place.
    Burn them with FIRE!! How DARE they hit your friend! They should be lucky you allowed them to live after what they just did..!! ...IDIOT..!
    Flip a coin; if it lands on Heads, Kill the f***er, if it lands on Tails, just tell the guy to stop and take your friend home.
    Use your magic skills to pick them up and throw them so far away into the sky that they look like Team Rocket after losing a fight.
    Energy spheres... you use this power of yours to blow the guy who attacked your friend to shizz..!

    Which is your favourite view?

    Country Side.
    Glowing Cave..?

    We're at the end of the quiz now~! How did you find it; good..? Bad..? ( ;^_^)>

    It was good, thank you~!
    Boring...! Gimme the results..!!
    Meh, it was okay I guess...
    AH! Um... yeah..! I-it was great, really..! ( ;^_^)>
    Oh come ON..! Just lemme leave already...
    ..... (¬_¬)

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