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    Favorite hair color?

    Ginger (Kinda orange)
    Flamingo Pink
    Bight, Neon Blue

    Preferred Date?

    Candle lit dinner atop the Eiffel Tower with a hint of mellifluous violin playing
    A walk through down town, just shopping and holding hands, maybe sharing some ice cream and trying lots of new things together
    A Gondola ride, just the two of you floating through the city of venice while gazing deeply into eachother's eyes
    A movie and dinner followed by a walk through the park
    Staying home, playing C.O.D. together, fighting over the last piece of pizza and eating the ice cream straight from the carton.
    A night together in the Gotham Royal
    The Beach, swimming, grilling hot dogs, building sand castles and burying eachother, putting sun screen on your pale hitachin boy, listenig to music, and watching the sun set

    What do you like most about Kaoru?

    His hair
    His face
    His style
    His voice
    His Innocent, sweet, quiet, caring, and absolutely adorable personality
    His brother
    His smile
    He's just so wonderful, I can't decide, I like his everything!

    What do you like most about Hikaoru?

    His hair
    His style
    His voice
    His face
    His brother
    His smile
    His mischievous, Haughty, Attention needing personality
    He's just so wonderful, I can't decide, I like his everything!

    Two lovers is better than one?

    No, I want him all to myself
    No that's disloyal, I love him for him and thats' all I need I don't want anyone else.
    Yes! Imagine the possibilities! I'd never feel neglected.
    Yes because I can't bear to come between them
    No that's just...No.

    What do you want more?

    An over protective, but loyal lover who would do anything for you
    A sweet, small, Slightly-Clingy but understanding lover, who cries when I'm sad and hugs You when you're mad until you can calm down
    A not necessarily "Needy" lover, but someone who can't stand the thought of losing you and needs to know You're theirs
    A lover that takes care of you and your unpredictable emotions, a lover who comforts you even when you don't deserve it and holds you tightly when you're depressed
    You just need him, and you need him now

    Do you want your lover to be older or younger than you?


    How do you feel about your lover?

    I need them, I need to know they're mine
    I can't survive without his words, his voice, his comfort
    He holds me close and everything still sucks, but its ok because i know i can get through it with him. I love him
    I can be my own person, but i can be a better person with him
    I love him, i'd do anything for him, i'll never leave his side, he's mine
    I crave him, i love to hear his voice, i need to feel his touch. i need to have him close to me.

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