ChristopherWest Which Yuri!!! On Ice Character Wants You as a Skating Partner?

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    In your spare time, you?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 3 answers)
    Throw parties
    Train because I need to
    Train because I enjoy it
    I draw and/or play music
    Video Games
    Hang out with friends

    Who would you idolize?

    Someone humble but strong
    Someone passionate and inspirational, despite being good or bad
    Someone stubborn who refuses to accept defeat
    Someone strong who refuses to give up
    Someone strong and stoic
    A drama queen
    Someone soft spoken and beautiful
    Someone lacking confidence and mental strength but able to pull through
    Someone extremely talented despite being ridiculously young
    Someone confident in their abilities

    Would you ever be interested in a romantic relationship with your partner?

    Ew no they’d be like a sibling to me
    No, they’re like a father/mother/uncle/grandpa/etc. figure
    Well duh, that’s why I chose them, so I could get close to them
    I fantasize about it, but it would get in the way, and I know they’d never think of me like That
    Well not really, but if it turned into that.. you won’t hear me complaining
    Stop it right now
    OMG YASSSSSSS (insert Phil Lester yassing You’re welcome)
    No no, I don’t want that, I just want to see them with the skater I ship them with!!

    Well now you have to be honest, how is your skating and what are you like?

    My skating is incredible and I’m not afraid to let anyone know
    My skating is great in my opinion but you’ll never hear me say it
    I have confidence in myself but I try not to let it go to my head
    I’m terrible and I’m not ashamed to tell you that, but stand by me and I'll surpass my heroes
    I suck, I don’t care how you see me, I’m doing this for fun
    I’m not sure, I hope I’m good, what do you think? I get scared easily but I will not give up
    I know I’m good but I’m not gonna say that it makes me feel like a jerk
    I’m not the best but I’m not the worst, I don’t talk much about it and I stay focused on my goals so stay outta my way
    Kill me

    How do you treat your partner?

    With respect
    I encourage them, they are amazing in my eyes and that’s all that matters
    I love them but they lack confidence and it gets on my nerves
    I look up to them so much there is absolutely nothing wrong with them.
    They’re freaking sexy I wanna get my hands on them every chance I get
    They’re adorable and precious, they shatter easily I want to keep them motivated but I want to push them further
    They suck, they need to get better
    I’m in charge do as I say

    How do you want them to treat you?

    With respect
    Teach me senpai!
    Love me for me, that’s all I ask
    Don’t give up on me
    I’m good, I’ve got this, but if I fail, I don’t want them to forsake me
    I want them to look up to me
    We’re equal
    Someone times I’m right, sometimes I’m not, but take my thoughts into consideration the way I take yours
    They look up to me, I’m obviously superior
    Please, remember I’m only new to this, teach me but don’t be harsh

    They noticed your skating, now they’re coming over, Crap!

    Is my hair ok?! I’m really sweaty I smell like a pig! What do I say?!
    Finally! I bet they’re here to beg me to skate with them
    Ahhhhhhhhhh! *hides under bench*
    Ahhhhhhhhhh! *hides in bathroom*
    *passes out*
    Ok ok be cool, I got this, I got this.
    This is the whole reason I’m skating, I wouldn’t be here without them!
    Tch! *walks away*
    I’m feeling self-conscious but I refuse to pass up this opportunity to meet my hero

    They’re reaching out to shake your hand! “Hi there! I really liked your performance.”

    T-thanks! I really liked yours too!
    Of course!
    I messed up a lot though
    Thanks, it wasn’t perfect but I did my best!
    Please, you’re just saying that
    I’m nothing compared to you
    Oh, thanks
    *still hiding under bench*
    *still hiding in bathroom*

    They’ve just asked you to be their partner. This is it, how will you respond?

    *gasp* Yes!
    Psh, sure
    Are you sure?
    I’d love to be your partner!
    NO, haha jk yes!
    Absolutely, you’re the reason I started skating. All of that would go to waste if I said no
    *teary eyed* Mm-hm

    Now that you’re partners, how do you plan to become closer?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 3 answers)
    Video Games
    Hot springs
    You mean aside from training together?
    Hang out
    Spend every minute with eachother
    Start a romantic relationship
    Take them shopping
    Go out for dinner and/or a drink
    Take a break from skating for a small bit and spend time getting to know each other and becoming inseparable partners

    It’s your first match together. What do you say to them?

    We've got this!
    Don't worry you'll be fine
    Calm down and show the world what you've got!
    I love you, no matter what
    Don't mess this up!
    Follow my lead
    Lead the way!
    Get your arse out there!
    Trust me, Ok?

    In regards to the last question. What do you want them to say to you?

    Deep breath, smile, don’t you ever take your eyes off us
    Come on! Let’s do this!
    Stop crying, we’ve got a crowd to blow away
    I believe in you
    Don’t butch this up
    We’re the greatest, nobody beats us
    We’re up. What are you waiting for? Did you expect a motivational speech?

    You’ve placed first in a match! What will you do?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 3 answers)
    Kiss my partner
    Hug my partner
    High five my partner
    I told you we’d win
    Tch, it was nothing
    We did it! It’s all thanks to you!
    You’re welcome
    As long as I have you, I’ll never lose again

    You’ve lost, completely totally lost, what will you do?

    Idiot! This is all on you!
    I’m going back to skating solo!
    You disappoint me
    It’s ok, there’s always next time
    I’m sorry, I’ve failed you
    We will learn from this.

    “To what do you owe your team’s success?” -Interviewer

    My partner
    My skill
    My partner’s skill
    Pig headedness
    My family
    Our coach
    Our love

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