Aaryanna What Wedding Peach Love Angel Are You?

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    Favorite color? And yes itís relevant; you pick what color to wear every day donít you?


    What describes you the best?

    Kind hearted.
    Iím a tomboy.
    Iím calm and collected.

    Favorite food?

    Pudding is too yummy!
    Iíll take ice cream please!
    Pizza or lasagna.
    I like sushi.

    Pick the one you would like to have.

    Iíd like to have a sword.
    Well Iíd like to have a really nice wristwatch.
    Oh honestly, lipstick is what a girl really needs!
    Well I would pick a pretty ring.

    What do you think of school?

    Physical Ed is the best.
    Well I donít mind English and math, but history is boring.
    U hÖI like recess?
    English is fun, but I hate biology.

    Youíve been asked to save the world, what do you do?

    What? Why me?
    I have to help my friends!
    Well I suppose I could help.
    I do it of course!

    A funny little round creature with pointy ears appears, whatís your reaction?

    Itís a devil! Kill it!
    Perhaps we should ask someone else what to do with it?
    Oh! Itís so cute! Can I keep it?
    I donít know it looks harmless.

    Why did you become a Love Angel?

    Well thereís this boy you seeÖ*blush*
    To get rid of the devils of course.
    Because my mom wanted me to?
    To protect my family and friends!

    A villain appears before you, what do you do?

    I wonít let you get away with anything!
    Prepare to die.
    I have to fight him? But heís cute!
    Oh dear, why canít you just go back to where you came from?

    Youíve saved the world, now what are you going to do?

    Spend time with my family.
    What I always do, keep an eye out for any devils we may have missed.
    I guess Iíll keep practicing my fighting skills.
    Hang out with my friends and the boy I like.

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