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    Around what age do you think life is the sweetest?

    Less than 17 years old.
    Between 17 and 24 years old.
    Older than 24 years old.

    Which of these colors do you like the best?

    (choose at least 2 and at most 3 answers)

    What are some of your hobbies?

    (choose at least 2 and at most 3 answers)
    Collecting things
    Working out/exercising
    Walking outdoors
    Tinkering/building with some old parts.
    Playing sports

    What school subjects do you enjoy the most, or which are you best at?

    (choose at least 2 and at most 3 answers)
    Fine Arts
    Foreign language

    How smart are you in school?

    Iím one of the brightest in my class! XD
    Iím pretty average. Iím not really smart, but I get along just fine. ^_^
    My friends say that Iím ďOne noodle short of a Ramen BowlĒ... T_T

    Which of these occupations appeal to you most?

    (choose at least 2 and at most 3 answers)
    Military soldier
    Pro wrestler
    Ruler, Leader, or High Ranking Official
    Demon exterminator

    What weapon would you fight with in a battle, or how would you prefer to fight?

    I prefer not to fight, but I would use my Martial Arts.
    I fight with Rods, but my Ether Magic is stronger.
    A Sword is the best way to deal with my enemies.
    I like to thrash the enemy with my Whips!
    My brute strength makes my Fists the ultimate weapon!
    I mercifully finish my enemies with my Handguns.

    What kind of Ether would you prefer to specialize in?

    Elemental Ether - Physically damaging ether that hurls the powers of fire, ice, lightning and stone to destroy my enemies.
    Stat Effecting Ether - Ether that negatively affects the enemy and positively affects me.
    Healing Ether - Ether that highly heals my allies and that cures many status affects.
    Spirit - Ether that highly increases my own abilities.
    Arcane - Ether that uses the elements to protect my allies.
    Chi - Ether that damages enemies, as well as increase my own abilities.

    You see one of your friends being beaten down by a horde of Wells, huge mutant type monsters. What do you do?

    I rush in, no questions asked, and destroy every Well in sight!
    I quickly assess the situation and then quickly finish the Wells with minimum casualties.
    I move in quickly and think up a battle plan as I fight.
    Iím not that powerful, so I get one of my friends to aid me in the rescue.

    Your friend accidentally shot you down while you were in an airship, because he thought you were an enemy! What do you do to him or how do you treat him?

    I donít do anything. Itís happened once before, so Iím use to it.
    I ask his guardian to watch him more carefully!
    I donít mind too much. As they say, ďBoys will be boys.Ē
    I beat him to a bloody pulp!!
    I give him the silent treatment.
    I was the one who shot them down! I already said I was sorry!!

    How much do you appreciate your father?

    I didnít know my father at all.
    I love my mother much more than I love my father.
    I love my father, but I wish he would appreciate me more.
    My father is my idol! I want to grow up to be just as great as he is!
    I hate my father! I wish he would just leave!!
    I love my father just like any child should.

    Have you ever been betrayed by a close friend?


    Which of these roles would you prefer to play in a video game?

    The Destined Hero.
    The Best Friend.
    The Teacher.
    The Romantic.
    The Kind-Hearted Giant.
    The Individual who prefers to ďFly SoloĒ

    What is your main goal in life?

    To discover who I truly am and where I came from.
    To find a place to belong.
    To become stronger than any other.
    To be great and important so that I can help everyone in the world.
    To protect my family and loved ones.
    To live a peaceful life with my family and friends.

    In this world, people fight with Giant Robots called Gears. Which of these Gears suits you the best?

    Weltall - Very fast in the skies, and has moderately strong stats. It learns skills late, but they are very powerful!
    Vierge - Overall weak in every stat, but its speed is quite high. It can, however, use very powerful elemental abilities!
    Brigandier - Very quick on land, and its armor is quite strong. It doesnít learn many abilities, but your strength compensates for that!
    Heimdal - An overall average machine. None of its abilities are that powerful, but it has untapped abilities that are yet to be discovered!
    Stier - Its massive armor gives it unparalleled strength and defense, but makes it very slow. It doesnít learn any abilities, but it definitely doesnít need them!
    Renmazuo - Its armor is not that strong, but its attack strength and speed is very high. It doesnít learn many skills, but you have an awesome cape!

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