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1. Evalinna Hifsa Hifsa Hifsa Lost Angel
2. Hifsa Klassic XxArrancarFanxX XxArrancarFanxX Dyuu
3. KyraChan XxArrancarFanxX Klassic zombieusagi Support KIRA
4. lileeboo Evalinna snowzi Klassic 21Emmz12
5. XxArrancarFanxX yuko9kost KyraChan Soulanime14 Felcie
6. Klassic KyraChan Evalinna snowzi starwing12
7. enkichan Darkarax lileeboo Crimson-Rose Morbid Dollie
8. DemonsandAngels lileeboo fleya yuko9kost areemus
9. Thiefspawn snowzi Darkarax KyraChan SakuraDust
10. mootouman mootouman Crimson-Rose Darkarax kitabug69
11. snowzi ilabsnsd02 ilabsnsd02 tsubasachro Team Plasma N
12. greatyu kitabug69 yuko9kost LoveMeRen Klassic
13. DOODY RinMustang22 clueless101 DemonsandAngels Razing Phoenix
14. xRedPhoenix Dark Flame 3479 Soulanime14 Evalinna yuko9kost
15. eMokid64 tsubasachro aurora witch JanetChan Murder Princess
16. DoubleOtaku DoubleOtaku ElementalNinja mootouman zombieusagi
17. N/A DOODY tsubasachro Team Plasma N xNotUnderstood
18. N/A Horace Cheng kitabug69 lileeboo Sweet L
19. N/A zombieusagi mootouman fleya FROSEN HEART
20. N/A madalinehatter kita mikichi ilabsnsd02 sanjukyu
21. N/A enkichan DemonsandAngels DoubleOtaku BabyD
22. N/A kita mikichi megan17 Aryia LunaInverse
23. N/A Archmage225 sweetdevil clueless101 Yamaro
24. N/A DemonsandAngels ItachiSasuke nikkeh09 marcinha
25. N/A haruhisohma11 Legacy Hail ElementalNinja Clyne Lacus

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