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1. SketchedColored LunaInverse Judai Winchester LunaInverse Lost Angel
2. N/A XxArrancarFanxX Snowzi Judai Winchester Dyuu
3. N/A Snowzi XxArrancarFanxX KyraChan Support KIRA
4. N/A Judai Winchester misachan83 Snowzi 21Emmz12
5. N/A eMokid64 LunaInverse XxArrancarFanxX Judai Winchester
6. N/A Shinthenap707 kitabug69 Shimazaki Felcie
7. N/A SketchedColored eMokid64 misachan83 starwing12
8. N/A Shinthenap707 Hifsa areemus
9. N/A kahoko66 Soulanime14 Morbid Dollie
10. N/A Mrs Vinsmoke Everlasting Light kitabug69
11. N/A SketchedColored OoAnBuOo SakuraDust
12. N/A tsubasachro Team Plasma N
13. N/A WildGirl1977 Razing Phoenix
14. N/A kitabug69 yuko9kost
15. N/A eMokid64 zombieusagi
16. N/A kahoko66 Murder Princess
17. N/A Shinthenap707 xNotUnderstood
18. N/A sakura nails Sweet L
19. N/A MikaMckeena FROSEN HEART
20. N/A Mrs Vinsmoke LunaInverse
21. N/A Dragon Anime sanjukyu
22. N/A SketchedColored BabyD
23. N/A marcinha
24. N/A Clyne Lacus
25. N/A Darkarax

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