smoking crimson this is official stuff man

It's simple. All I want you to do is to make a wallpaper that uses OFFICIAL pictures / scans, like say, from Minitokyo or AP. It can be from any anime / manga / video game etc, so long it would be accepted here on theO. Please try and keep the quality good?

Be warned. If you use any fanart in the wall you enter here, I'll take it out of the challenge. I have no qualms about doing so. Also, you must credit your image sources.

oh and, if I invited you, please don't feel pressured to enter, I thought you'd just be interested, lol.

One month to get your babies into this challenge, and you can enter as many walls as you want.

Course, there's prizes to help you along, consider it incentive? *smiles*

1st place
2 wallpapers in whichever style you wish for.

2nd place
A wallpaper in whichever style you wish for.

3rd place
1 card in whichever style you wish for.

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