ItachiSasuke [My Life] Wallpaper Marathon VIII

Heyo Everyone!

I'm back after taking a LONG hiatus on the wallpaper marathon XD. My apologizes for that. Also, I wanted to thank all those who entered last challenge, they were all very nice entries (which was another reason it took me so long to judge). So 8th round (2/3 of the way there >3). Hopefully you'll be able to enter.

Rules (cause you gotta have 'em)

~Only ONE submission for each individual challenge. Each part of the marathon will have a theme (this one is posted at the end of the page)

~Explain how the wallpaper relates to your life. Just a short explanation will do. :D

~Please have your signature

~You don't have to dedicate it to me.

~JUDGING THIS TIME will be based on how you decide to represent your quote. How will the quote and image match? Creativity is the key in this challenge.

First: 1 request OR 10 icons and 3 gifts
Second: 1 request OR 6 icons and 2 gifts
Third: 1 request OR 4 icons and 1 gift
Honorary mention(s): 1 gift OR 2 icons

THEME FOR THIS CHALLENGE: Your Favourite Word OR Quote

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skitty999 MissTaemin xAsukachanx
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