Rainbow Dragon Kingdom Hearts wallpaper challenge

I kind of would like to create a challenge so here's what I have in mind. I would like to host a Kingdom Hearts wallpaper challenge. The basic idea of this challenge is to pick an event or character from Kingdom Hearts and design a wallpaper that represents that character or event. An example would be would be at the end of the first Kingdom Hearts Sora letting go of Kairi's hand and the Destiny Islands recreating from the magic from the sky. The wallpaper doesn't have to feature the first Kingdom Hearts. It can also fearture other Kingdom Hearts games such as Kingdom Hearts 2 or Chain of Memories or any other Kingdom Hearts game that is out there
1.Be creative with the wallpaper. Don't use other people's work unless you're going to give them credit for it.
2.No plagerizing. I'll know if it's been plagerized. Don't just use a screenshot and expect it to be a walllpaper.
3. Any Kingdom Hearts game can be used. Final Fantasy characters can be in the wallpapers as well.
4. Have fun creating the wallpaper.
You have a month to make this wallpaper. If you're interested in joining the contest just comment below.

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KH Ending ~Dyuu
Fading Memories ~Clyne Lacus
Kingdom Hearts 4 The Challenge ~Morbid Dollie
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