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The return of the Angel
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I seriously love this wallpaper to pieces! (Nooo, no biased opinions at all XD)
Ahem. When I do colorful wallpapers, they're colorful. And Angel Zakuro's gorgeous vector is the main attraction, I think! Do check out the wallpaper she used this vector in: Angel Dust! Helps in a little comparison (we both got the mystical idea in your minds but it came out fairly different). I didn't really count all the layers because there were so many my eyes stopped responding ^_^" There were 40+ - a LOT more than what I usually need!

Aside from the truckload of textures, I used another truckload of brushes - mainly starry ones. The bubbles are vector shapes. Oh, and some of the wings are intentionally blurred and unclear, to focus on the background. Now, I bet you're wondering about those lines. Well, I used this style on other 2 wallpapers of mine; I like to call it "church window style" or "stained glass style". Then I thought about adding some sparkle/star brushes where the lines merge and the lines look like constellations now Onto the fonts - maybe you'd like to look for them and use them: the title font is Mutlu and the signature font is Perpetua Titling MT.

Brushes: Scully7491
Vector: Angel Zakuro
Anime: Chance Pop Session (never heard of it before though ^^")
Character: Akari
(by the way, Kelsey, the way you named your vector reminded me of the soundtrack of Phantom of the Opera :3 There's a song called like that on it!)
Um, thank you for viewing, faving yadda yadda You all know I appreciate support so there's no point in typing the same boring formula every time I submit something, right? ^^" Thank you! *runs off to listen to Monster Magnet :3*

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akari, angel, bubbles, chance pop session, feathers, grunge, sky, stars
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