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I like the simple look here. My second time using PhotoShop. I know there is so much more that can be done, but honestly I would have still kept it simple even if I knew how to use it. I think this wallpaper speaks for itself without being fancy.

I can't wait for 05/07/09. I really feel good about this movie. I think even non-Trekkers might take a peek at it. Yay!

Dedicated to all my Trekker friends!

EDIT 5/8/09 (after seeing the movie last night at 7:00 p.m.)

Previously at Dragon*con my Star Trek experiences have been less than memorable and I believe this was due to the fact that the Star Trek franchise was in a coma.

Dammit Jim, he’s a doctor not a miracle worker!

Alas, he worked miracles. Bones was just one of the extraordinary captures of the film. I found each of the actors, in their respective roles, brought something fresh to the character without compromising what we loved about the original actors portrayal.

The first time you see Chris Pine as Kirk slump down to the side in the captains chair. You feel just as relaxed and excited as you did when Shatner did it. He exudes the cool confidence you have come to expect and hold dear. It is as if you’ve slipped into your favorite childhood pajamas that magically now fit you as an adult. It is so familiar and so comforting, yet the feel of it is also very new.

Fans of the show should be pleased with the twists and turns as long as they remember not to judge until the story starts unfolding (as many things get explained later). New fans will feel enchanted by the magic and power and emotion that drives the story from one scene to the next. Old fan, or new, there is much laughing to be had and much tears to shed, all taking place during the intense fight scenes.

In a day and age of bad movies, this is most certainly worth your hard earned money. I expect I will find a rebirth of fans at the next Dragon*con.

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