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This is my [rather late] gift for Candiestripes ^^ I hope you like it hun! I know you like Chobits, and i've had this cute picture of Chii floating around on my laptop for ages, so I thought i'd get around to using it.

I found an image of a room with a checkered floor to use as a starting background image, I then added quite a bit of brushwork and texture to it. I added Chii, more brushwork, then wanted to do something extra. Sooo, I added the binary-code-type-stuff as an overlay ^^ I then messed with the colours and added the text.

Oh, and somewhere in the code are little messages saying 'I love you' ^^ I thought it would be like Chii was thinking of her love... [Cheesey? Haha].

[resources for this wallpaper were from DeviantArt.com and Aethereality]

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chair, chii, chobits, dress, floor, frills, grunge, love, persocom, purple, you
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