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K-ON! is such a funny anime so far XD. It has made me giggle alot in the recent episode ^^. I like the idea of this light music club and them trying to learn how to play the instruments along the way ^^. Anyways, Yui reminds me alot like Fuko-chan from CLANNAD, Rit-chan reminds me of Konata from lucky star XDD, and Mugi resembles alot like Miyuki from lucky star. Now Mio here...well I can't think of who she reminds me of, but I like her character ^^. She may be subject to change while the anime develops since she's so shy about singing and stuff.

It's a fun anime to watch really, so I decided to make a Mio wallpaper ^^. I extracted the two background pictures of Mio only, the one that stands out was already done ^^ (thank you to the owner :)) and then I had this two colorful textures that I wanted to use and then just played around with the blendings. Sparkles, some cloud brushes, gradients for the fonts, smart blurs, and ta-da~ ^_^

Enjoy minna-san, and all hugs/faves/comments are really well appreciated~ :D

Time: 2 hours, one hour yesterday, another one today.


K-ON! Wallpapers
akiyama, band, bass, blue, chibi, clouds, cute, girl, guitar, k-on!, lys, mio, mio akiyama, music, pretty, purple, sparkles
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