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Breaking Like Glasswork
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Okay. First matter of business. *grabs Welch’s poking stick*

Glasswork is © to me and cannot be used without permission! Should I so much as catch a whiff of plagiarism there’ll be hell to pay!

But if anyone wants to read the whole poem (which I’m afraid, in a whole, has very little to do with TLH since I wrote it in regard to a family problem) or asks to use it, I’d be very grateful and happy to oblige! XD

…Bit of a split personality issue reflecting there. XD Onward and upward!

I wasn’t sure about the red glow on the text but after everything came together on this one, I was happy with it. Also, yes, I made Faize’s eyes red myself. XD I wish I could have gotten the shade just a tinge darker, but c’est la vie.

I wanted to use a quote from my own archive instead of a singer’s for a change, and my most recent work (at the time I made the wallpaper) came to mind because the poem took a very dark turn in the end. I write paragraphs that are very dependent on each other to maintain flow and coherency, the line:

“Tears can’t be shed so blood will be instead,” is a line that stands out from the other nearly two hundred poems I’ve written. Even standalone, it still manages to have meaning and make sense.

You’d think with an archive like that I’d quote myself more often. -.- I suppose I don’t because I make more wallpapers of males than I do females (the fangirl in me cannot resist!) an most of my poems have a reminiscence of a feminine point of view…which is my excuse for turning to Gackt so often instead. XD

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